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Education business .. U gotta be cruel

Education …

Provide good teaching …. good exposure … Still u wont make money …

Have good office .. good chick and give allowance to straighten her hair  behind the reception.. U make money …

1. The problem of education sector is supply is more than the demand . But quality supply is lacking .

2. What is quality ? No one can say thats the pblm !!


Anay Diwedi ( Rank 5) says JTS is a cheat

Ok .. now many people have been asking of

How is JTS ? They do lot of shit like telephonic interview blah blah to make u feel as if u have got some achivement joining a coaching .. n people fall for it ..

1. Their claims are false .. read claims well .. After the result they have gone to rank holderrs and asked how their material is .. N has altered their statements.

2. Anay Diwedi ( Rank 5) has spoken about it in his blog . He has never been to Bnagalore or read JTS material for exam!!

What is seat blocking

Seat blocking in CET is not something new it is existant from long time .. ie my CET times ..2003 .

How it happens?

Some people approach top rankers ..for eg in our time we entered NITK through AIEEE . After AIEE counselling is the CET counselling .. What these people do is approach students an say ” Look dude attend CET and take a govt quota seat in a reputed college”. The mks card which you submit @ counselling will go to college and these people deal with college and get the marks card back .. pay u around 2-3Lakhs as scholarship …

The rules say that if a person doesnto report to college before Oct the seat gets converted to management quota and they sell this seat under management quota for 10-12L !!

This is what is called seat blocking …

Dedicated to all aspirants of various exams

Now being a aspirant myself I easily understand the fear and dilema in many fellow aspirants ..especiall those preparing for a PG seat in medical after their MBBS and ofcourse UPSC aspirants of CSE .

Some common features

1. You can find many low in confidence especially after giving their first attempt ..

In the first attempt you would have put lots of things at stake and would have prepared really hard , if you fall after so much hard work it really hits on ur confidence n u start thinking yourself as ” I am useless” sorts ….What should you do , so that this disatrous thought will not sink in .. Some things which i have followed is

1. Make sure your social life is not totally destroyed ..Meet friends ( exp other gender) and do share and be a part of their lives atleast on one particular day of week .

2. Travel , The more u travel the more u learn abt life ..

3. Be positive .. Its easier said than done .. Especially when u are supposed to take over the family and support u r preparing and acting as a burden !! Speak to ur family and have clear time frame of efforts .. are u putting full time or part time ..

4. Think future and not past .. afterall its a beautiful life 🙂

2. Dont loose faith in the system

Most of the time u start loosing the faith i education , and start thinking i ll become a pani-puri guy across the road ! The first and foremost quality needed for the system is “Faith in what u do ” and that comes only when u have faith in the system

3. Ofcourse find a good friend ,

This becomes very important since people not in prep phase dont understand what u r going through ..U have a good shoulder to cry on its always good !!

The Education business in India

Education business is a low end business .. and lot of unprofessionalism exist .. Other people spread wrong rumors about you , they start bitching about you … and big guys have bought off the gate keepers…as Kalyan puts it ..Career Launcher takes placement officers of main engg colleges in Hyd to Thailand !!

It is sad that it becomes a beauty parlour business .. The Ac’s , drinking water etc is what makes people join!!

1.My personal experience has been that many people call me up but very few turn up to the class .

I have been wondering why is that so ? If at all a person picks up the phone and calls .. the urge in him for civil services dies in a day ??

2. People dont “read” .. anything actually .. They dont take the pain to read the info on webiste .. Guys you are trying to write a examination where reading and comprehending info is the “crux” of examination .

3. People in Bangalore are NOT AT ALL SERIOUS of the examination . They try to juggle with the job and its side effects ..classes on weekends also they want it to be shortened .. etc etc etc ..I just dont get what people want .. a designed crash course ..which I dont want to do .. If I am saying a 225 hr lecture module .. n if you expect no continuous classes how on earth will I manage time ? This basic concept is not understood .

4. People ask some stupendous questions
” Is the building your own ?” — They fear I will run away .. Yeah the Gummiah Layout adress is my house .. The classes happen in NSVK which i take on rent.

5. people keep hovering on the web and dont make a decision if at all they should be preparing for the exam .. Please note this is not a CAT exam to hope with some last month prep .. Civil services needs a systematic and planned efforts .. If at all you wish to write CSE-2010 it is high time one has to start prep …. If at all you are looking for guidance its high time u start taking one..

And yeah .. reaching a double digit

So after a 6 mnth venture … I make my first 1L [ earned not as a salary or from market ] but from my venture of Namma …

I learn therefore I am !!

Somethings I have always wondered whats that “thing” which drives me .. gives me energy to do something I want .. something i feel i need to do ..

I think the answer is I learn ..N i wanted to be some entrepreneur and so I am .. but am i satisfied ?? The answer is still “No” ..

I keep thinking , thinking why something has to be the way it is .. why not the way i want it to be .. isnt it .. The quest goes on .. no idea where it will lead to .. It has lead me so far .. I have listened to my heart  all the time ..

People said “No .. TJ hang on with ur job” .. ” Try things on side ” .. But i never regret my decision to drop .. and be on my own .. I have learn t “life”…

There were times i would make /loose 60k a day in market and i remained unperturbed … and now I care for Rs 25 also .. I count the cost of pomp let which I give to newly admitted students .. I count paisa .. Not that i love money ..

No money is not all my life .. Life is my life .. a life as i want … In this whole debates of what to do and what not to do .. I have done some “Nots” … in fact lots but fortunate to do some ‘dos” which I think i would nto have had done had i not been outside to stand on my feet ..

It makes life hard especially when you meet some relatives and I have to struggle to convince them what i am doing .. most feel I am out due to the recession .. .. Nobody buys that a man can leave a cushy life and come back and struggle his way again !!

It makes you discover new ways of doing things … You realise the importance of some people whom you had never thought of like for instance “Typist” — This is the most important person for me 🙂 I am roaming office to office to see if any receptionist is idling her time .. If so .. I try to strike a quick deal “Look these r th epages .. u gotta type .. 2 Rs a page” .. outside the same type cost is Rs 9 ..

These are some stories which I always say .. stories which i will tell my grand children ..

Live a life worth speaking of ..atleast to your grand children 🙂