Sail in ship of ambition and anchor at harbour of success

Hardware sells in India

Yup if u r thinking of being an entrepreneur then think Hard not Soft !!

Here the mentality of people is that bigger the product higher the price until it comes to medicines ofcourse . IF u r thinking of automating .. na we have people to work !!

So the main advantage is we have People …. If u are able to come up with any service which is essential for people , even 1 re gain on that means 100cr profit + Unmatchable brand Name . So lets discuss on what are these

Finance Market

Share Market

There are totally 10724411 ( one crore blah blah) demat accounts . Which means only 1% of people are with market . If u can get remaining 99% to market …Thats  like we ll have 100 times the amount in market .. which means huge liquidity , and market ll grow leaps and bounds . So can u get agents to get the demats done and have some source of brokerage houses around the country !!


Yup , Insurance is a big business . On 1 ULIP of 1 L premium sold a bajaj Allianz agent gets 40 % as commision  and 4% or something theron till that guy dies . Its like dead money . U help some guys who is looking for insurance n u too make some in process .


Well u have 100 people whom u can trust ?? Then simplest thing is take their Demat accounts . Look for big size IPOs  . Take a loan and invest . Say you had 40 people n their demats . U use the partial payment option . Take a loan of 10L for 2 months . Apply . On allotment u ll get atleast 6K in one account so u make 6*40 2.4L profit .

For 2 months intrest u pay is 30K approx .. So u make 2L every 2 months enjoy

The moral is we need to use services that serve “people” junta . Thats why Sri Krishna said “Janata Seva 
Janardhana seva” 


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