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Why men are sexually agressive than women ??

Well Its pretty natural experience to see guys staring at “hot” girls anywhere and everywhere . Even biologically women disposes only one egg every month , but men millions of sperms !! Well why are men agressive ?? And why do men love to have sex with more women , compared to women seeking multiple partners ??

Almost 99% of men mastrubates compared to 40% women . This numbers  shows the fact  that  “men want sex more ”

As Darwins evolution theory goes , the objective of any organism on earth is reproduction . If any species is stronger then that survives over the others . So strong men try to have as many offspring as possible in his lifetime , So he seeks relationship with many women . But on the other hand for women , irrespective of how many men she has relationships she can bear only fixed number of offsprring . So her main motivation would be to attract the “strong” guy to feed her offspring !!

Well the story does not stop here .. Men are suspicious !!

A man cant take their girl speak to another “man” generally . There are certain sperms which sit on egg and make sure that “other man’s” sperm does not enter the egg !! And intrestingly research proves that the percentage of sperms grow significantlly when the guy is away from girl by miles !!

So why blame men ?? blame the nature !!


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  deepak wrote @

To support your blame… a book with more detailed insights
“Its not you its biology by Joe Quirk”


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