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IIM vs IAS vs Software Engineer

These are facts based on listening to some of experiences of people in these fields .

Well myself am a Software Engineer at Adobe in Bangalore , When you compare this development life , the progress here is difficult , you need to be a very good engineer compare to a moderate engineer and a good communicator in services !! What u get is some components , design and develop and ya u get ur weekends , go be a happy guy witha wife n few kids .

Now you start to trade , and you suddenly feel u r a born “trader” !! You become intrested in finance and think of an MBA In this sector if u join as a fresher u most probably end up being in an ibank where u need to work 16 hrs a day and alternate Saturday’s . You can join them even as a undergraduate but u generally join as a “Analyst” and if u want to become an “Associate” you need a stint with a B-School . Even most of B-School grads retire as a n Associate . Still you are not the “decision” maker . To be the decison maker you need to be an “MD” but most of them retire at Associate level .

Here the crowd is young … n u retire early compared to a Software job .

Now turning to IAS , you are the decison maker !!! You get Authority to drive the projects that change lives of people . But pay is less , but u get the perks . What do u earn for ?? You need to pay House EMI , car EMI etc .. If u get these then is’nt the pay competitive . You join IPS .. you get to ride horses !! the royal life .. After all what does money get you ??You get a power with money ..If that power is given by Authority , its great !!

Dont be in any illusion !! Its ur life u need to decide 🙂

Satish TJ



  hellotj wrote @
explains the views of few IAS people

  hellotj wrote @ — explains the story of a Mr NarayanSwamy IAS … How this IAS officer had to face problems from politicians … but still I think that life where u have a sense of doing something is far better than a life where u keep searching a purpose of doing something

  Divya Chakravarthy wrote @

tell me about it. I have bid adieu to my software career and am chasing a dream.. Does help to see something nice being said about the administrative clan!

  rahul wrote @

i think ias is a better job then an engineer because after calculating all profits and losses ias is dominating job if we talk about politician then engineers face their own boss who is more khadoos then a poly. and eng. face a lot of competition then an ias

  engineer wrote @

@rahul-i think you are just a fucked guy man…
you have never seen a good engineer. have you taken inside look of any good softwere company.
just surf on internet and get some real stuff .
there life is far better then ias .and they dont have any pressure of boss
one more thing -at list engineers boss is highly educated not like leaders of bihar who cant speak even a word of english correctly

  Abhishek Jha wrote @

Hey, Mr. Engineer !
Mind ur language plz.
I’m a Bihari and doing computer Science Engineering From NIT Durgapur.
Both of u is right. Lalu Yadav is such kind of politician, and Shri Nitish Kumar Is Not…….
You may learn from Shri Vajpayee, Shri Advani, Shri Narendra Modi………. They Are Not Such Type Of Politician As You said
As I Know , Shri Nitish Kumar is An Electrical Engineer, Shri Modi Is Also an Engineer, And Shri Advani Was A Lawyer By Occu. .
Mind ur language plz. If U Love The Country, Then plz Don’t Divide our country into South, Weast, East n North, as our Home Minister P. Chidambaram Has Done (Plz. reply, or if u wanna contact with me notify me at

  kartik wrote @

No job,….at least in India is better than IAS,……the power and authority provided here is incomparable

  mahboob wrote @

mr abishek u r the most fucked up… u say cz u dnt have d ability for ias, wat d hell do u knw abt company jobs dat u say there is no pressure? those company employees are dogs barking at the signal of bosses…. one sign of revolt nd u get sacked… bloody fuck.

  Ash y wrote @

Clear, cud add more

  vaibhav wrote @

HI, i am a software engineer with more than 2 year of experience in IT currently i am also preparing for IAS kind of examination my target is around 2 years to pass the exam. I think There is no need to tell the procedure for being an IAS or a Software engineer as u can get it from above post. I read from someone’s post that there is less money in IAS than soft.eng. lol..i would like to say being an IAS your one sign will be worth around 50 lakhs moreover if you have some talent than within 20 years you can earn up to 1000 crore that u can’t even imagine with soft.eng. cheers & enjoy..

  Honest Indian wrote @

Hi vaibhav. I wish you all the best for your IAS preparation and may you do well in your examination. The country needs honest people as their leaders who will direct the country with their integrity and values. It’s true though that in a career for IAS there are several ‘opportunities’ for gathering black money, which is just sad and disheartening.

But let’s all hope (the present younger generation of India) that a change will come and people will look beyond personal selfish gains and put their motherland in front of their prejudices.

Jai Hind!!!

  preey wrote @

hi abishek jha… Shri Narendra Modi was never an engineer… He did M.A. in Political Science!!!

  NAIR wrote @





  mohit chaudhary wrote @

hehehe….no comparison guys….you are just comparing a rickshawaala wid a transport minister….ias/ips officers more or less rules the country…and an software engineer is just a minimal employee of private groups working in this country….i m a software engineer but have a dream dat i can become an ias officer one day….

  Mohit Bangroo wrote @

@ mohit chaudhary …it’s not about ruling the country…u dont become ias or ips to rule d nation. infact it is to serve d people. this thinking of students wanting to become a ruler nd live wid all the comforts is taking this country to hall..wake up guys. we’ve to serve our nation

  Manish wrote @

Hey i am in 12th class with pcm via c++ and dreamt for an ias officer after doing software engineer as a backup plan i don’t need money but wanted to serve nation for i love my country
jai hind

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