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Why people make losses in market .. n why we cannot buy when market is so dirt cheap

If u are thinking why people are taking losses and crying when they can actually short the market and make big bucks !!Its just because they have an unsettled money in F&O  . Theyare in debt .. to their respective brokerge houses . So they have no cash to invest !!

If u have lost money as Mark to market ?? Then hey its the broker’s fault not urs . So u just default .

There are two margin , SPAN margin and extra margin . The margin u pay is ( SPAN + extra) . When ur M2m goes below the extra margin brokerage houses should square off or atleast get a cheque from u …. for additional margin . If he hasnt done that it shis fault . So dont worry !! You just default and be happy !!


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  Chatt wrote @

Dodda Satish aware: You can take a loan and hedge. Go through the PPTs I sent a link to, there are worked examples on this scenario.
The real difficulty in this situation is to continue to have the appetite to take risk when you’ve burnt your fingers once.

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