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My first day in Hostel

Ya I remember each and every second I have lived in hostel .

I was a cute kid( very seeda sada) worked my ass to clear AIEEE n with some luck I enterted the “best” phase of my Life . As i landed in Hostel with all my luggages I walked to my room in curiousity to see who my roomies were .. seeing all faces trying to find if I had any familiar face !!

<<I have changed names in the story so that I wont be sued later for potraying the incidents without their prior permisson>>

Finally I reached Room 53 Block I .

Me : Knock Knock

Roomie1: [Opens the door with full smile and a mug ready to go the bathroom ].He turns out to be the gold medalist of our batch . I take pleasure in describing Drivek .Right now I ll describe his physical attributes . He is a thin guy , extremely thin , wearing glasses and the “stud” look . Just by seeing his face u can say that he is a very dedicated and hardworking guy .

Me : “Hi Myself ..”

Roomie2: Ya Satish

Roomie 2 Driket is a tall and handsome guy with “no” care attitude . He never cares for his grades or gives a shit to the assignments . He is ‘the’ cool guy .. with amazing mimickery power  

Me: [‘Thinking in mind .. Wow I am so famous !!]

Roomie2 : We saw ur name wriiten on the cot and Table.

[tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik .. flash back .. a fort night ago I had come with my dad to get admitted in the college and hostel.In the room ]

Dad: Son , so this is the place

Me: Yes dad ..

[ He looks through the window inhabited by most exotic species on the earth .. ]

Dad: You ll learn a lot !! But keep one important thing in mind . Never go behind girls

Me: [ Common dad .. I have slogged my ass for this freedom 🙂 ] Yup

Dad: I think u should take the middle cot and the table .. [Drags the cot and table and writes my name]

Well so thats how I was greeted by my first Roomies !!

So after resting for few minutes I visit the “bathroom” . With my baneyan .. I was know for being semi nude in hostel !! ( No baneyan coz i hated to wash … And even when i washed after 2 – 3 washes I found that my baneyans tore . So decided to wear as minimal as possible to avoid wastage of my energy) .

I was brushing and in mirror I kept on seeing this guy . He was standing in the queue for toilet waiting for other guy to come out and literally dancing . [Drashidar].

Me: Hey namskara

Drashidar: Oh Kannada !! ..[Intro goes on]

Drashidar : Man just miss in IIT mains . My chem and phy was good but math did not clear .

[ Most of us here were the IIT rejects …. or had aspired for IIT ].

Well I ll next part I ll introduce how I met “Draju ” , ” Ditesh” and “Dedar” , before i start my stories .


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