Sail in ship of ambition and anchor at harbour of success

So whats in power ??

Dude r u joking .. everything is in power … Why do u think all the Mahabharath , Ramayana or US-Iraq war happened ?? Its the “quest” of power.

Man is a greedy animal ( just like cow) . He is never satisfied , u give him a $ he tries to make 10 $. U give him a 30 * 40 house , he strives to make a 60*40 house . You give a “nano” , he wants a santro , you give him a santro he wants a honda city , you give him a honda city he wants a Merc .. N u give him a Merc .. hey u  find him dead !!

The journey of mankind is always towards “greed” . Unfortunately the perception of parents is also the same . They want their son to “earn” better  .

If earning big sums was the motivation , then why one studies is a big question ?? You see “big” people they r generally ones who r ” thumbs up” especially in bangalore ( the land lords .. who once were tillers n Indra gandhi passed the tenancy act to make them big lords today) .

If “earning big money ” as the objective they should have thought us to cook .. so that we could have had a hotel when we were some 10-12 years .. n by now .. it would be making a daily turn over of 3-4 L  a day !!

I really feel sad that people study to “earn” rather than study to “learn” .. The missing “l” is a big big “L” in life 😦


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