Sail in ship of ambition and anchor at harbour of success

When will u be yourself ??

I am tiered of impressing .. impressing  the unimpressed and depressing the impressed !Ah ..  feels bad ..

But I need to say I have been lucky enough to make my decisions . And all what i have done or what I am are because soley of my decisons ..( Thanks to my parents for it) .

But again we are the “lost” souls ..

“Why did I study in 6th??”  —– To impress the unimpressed teacher

” Why did I study in 7th??” —- To get my name on school board

” Why did I study in 10th??” — To make my parents proud

“Why did I study in 12th??” — To impress my lectures n some pretty chicks .

” Why did I study in engg?” — To maintain my image as a ‘nerd’

” Why I am working “? –coz they pay me

When should I think of myself ?? Whole of my life I have thought “what others feel of me” … But the real enlightment is “What u feel of urself”? I feel lots of us here in urban jungle have lost the real enlightment .


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