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The two fundamental postulates of “love”

I watched the Kannada movie “My autograh” enacted by Sudeep . What a movie it is !! My god I was really touched by it . The way he show how the maturity in love develops . Initally as a child u love coz of hormones , then in college u find someone very intresting to share ur views , then at work u find a friend .. who helps u out at real times .. N finally u marry someone else !!

“Love” matures . The expectation of partner changes with time . At different stage of life u expect different things from your partner . I think it is very true . Coz the same person who once who would have had admired u so much ..starts hating u like hell after some time .. N some person whom u hate the most .. after some interaction u feel he s not so bad !! So I am proposing the “Expectation Postualte” and “Dependency postulate ” for love[ Not a theorem — so no proof 🙂 but u ll experience this ] —Copyrights PremaSai

Expectation Postulate for Love

Expectation is inversely propotional to time ( time u both spend together) and gradually decreases ( decays) to zero .

Initially you expect lots of care and love ( if u r a female ) ; and talk and response ( intelligent response) if u r a male . Each one tries to impress each other .. tries to be as good as possible to each other .. Slowly they feel comfortable with each other and start taking each other for granted . You would have had got so used to love n care [ boss theres a threshold for everything] u feel the guy is not caring for u so much .. N guys would have had got so used to ur responses that he stops expecting .. N finally it turns out to be a agreement of marriage for which u both are living together .

Dependency Postulate of love

Love exits if there exists any one of the following dependecy between partners.

1> Financial


3> Spirtual

If there exists any one of the following dependency then there exists expectation love survives . If u have observed even society has tried to build one of the dependency admist partners from bygone times .

So if u want ur love life to continue well u need to identify “games” and “activites” that enables u to sustain dependecy and expectations ..

This is the first chapter by the “other side” of me —Prema Sai


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