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A note for guys if u r dating

Hi guys …. I just came across a blog which claims to be a tutorial for girls to keep away the wrong guy … Kindly go through this blog and correct ur mistakes !!!

Following is a letter fo the above author

Dear Author ..

Eyes can be deceptive … You should never judge a guy by his eyes .. Coz guys are like multiprocessor systems . Some threads keep running in the background . And ya .. to be frank .. there is no need of so much checks .. Ur mind and heart itself guides u … Always do what u like .. Then u ll not regret coz u did what u loved !!

And hey common you cant trace everything of a person’s past ..Even if u trace .. whats the use …. Men are preys of situations ..Take a most able man and put him in a total despair situation .. he is likely to behave as the “not so able” .

Please do know his backgrounds but dont become a sherlock Homles trying to dig deep into the past and relationships


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