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Politics in all countries have no solid reasoning

When the junta is huge .. “brains” does not matter .. All that matters is u need to get their “sentiment ” . Recently kennedy’s daughter openly supported Obama and her cousin has endorsed Hilary Clinton … Who cares .. I just dont understand why junta care of these endorsements ??

In India we have lots of network franchises like Amway , RPM etc .. They sell the products in market at a price greater than the price at which its available in market .. only USP is that money feeds into network .. so u r in profit if u have many levels 🙂

Wow … So i just asked the corresponding person .. why not start our own brand say TJNetwork !! The funny answer he gave was there was some company called “Mahaveer steels” [ not even listed in exchange]  behind RPM … Man who cares abt these endorsements .. We should mature to see the real value in the product than endosers behind ..except in FMCG .. coz the main reason why girls buy a particular cream is coz the model behind is too sexy !!


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