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An idea for valentine’s gift

Well many of u might be wondering what to gift ur near n dear on this valentine’s day !! Here is one of my ideas .. You can copy it .

Make an ambigram

Wondering what an ambigram is ?? Ya then you should read this and see some sample here . Also you can go through a tutorial here ..

That would be the best gift which ur girl can expect .. when she hangs it in her room every one finds its “her” name .. Then a gentle breeze ll blow in the room that inverts the hanging picture to show “your” name !!

Is’nt that great .. You give a gift which has both of ur names n she can easily hang it in her room .. << I dont think parents are intelligent enough to identify ur name also >>

PS: If havent tried this .. but seems sustainable

A sample of my name can be found here



  indian matrimonials wrote @

really nice one and keep it up! for indian matrimonials

  hellotj wrote @

Hey if u guys want an ambigram .. Leave your request here .. I would try to make one for u!!

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