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Another idea for valentine’s day

Write an Anangram !! Yes the “Davince Code” -Anagrams ….

You need not worry thinking of hoe to write anagrams .. Just vist this .And type your sentence in simple english . A list of possible sentences will come . You just pick one !!

For eg : When I type “I hate you ” you get following results

Hate I You
Heat I You
Yeah I Out
Ate Hi You
Eta Hi You
Eat Hi You
Tea Hi You
Yea Hi Out
Yea Thou I
Aye Hi Out
Aye Thou I
Ah Tie You
Ha Tie You
Iota Ye Uh
Auto Hey I
Auto Ye Hi
At Hie You
Tau Hie Yo
Ay Hie Out
Ya Hie Out
A Eh Ti You
A Eh It You
A He Ti You
A He It You
A The I You
A Hue I Toy
A Hue Ti Yo
A Hue It Yo
A Hey I Out
A Tie Uh Yo
A Ye Hi Out
A Ye Thou I
Ate Uh I Yo
Eta Uh I Yo
Eat Uh I Yo
Tea Uh I Yo
Yea Uh I To
Aye Uh I To
Ah Ye I Out
Ha Ye I Out
Oat Ye Uh I
At Eh I You
At He I You
At Hue I Yo
Tau Eh I Yo
Tau He I Yo
Tau Ye Ho I
Tau Ye Oh I
Ay Eh I Out
Ay He I Out
Ay Hue I To
Ay Toe Uh I
Ya Eh I Out
Ya He I Out
Ya Hue I To
Ya Toe Uh I
A Ye Uh I To

Choose the one you like !! possibly Hi !! Eat you 🙂 Tooo good isnt it ??


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  indian matrimonials wrote @

really nice one and keep it up! for indian matrimonials

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