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The great Indian Middle Class Wedding !!

Hey as all my friends know its my sister;s wedding this thursday .. I wil write to u the funny experiences ..

First of all here is the list of costs .Marraige is in Padmavathamma and narayanappa memorial Hall .

1> Cost of the Hall

Rs 89k for 2 days ..

2>Decoration of hall .

Rs 22k

3> Floral decoration [ Like the name plate in front of mantap .. the reception stage decoration]

Rs 16K

4> Beautician :

Rs 4k .. this includes some pedicure and etc .. [ I dont knwo much ] but this is suppode to give some glow to the face it seems .. 3 days befor wedding they start this]

5> BMTC bus for 4hrs : 1630 [ they ask for a deposit of extra 1630 which will be refunded]

6> Food Nearly 1.5 lakhs

7> Jewelery : Around 3 L

8> Photographer: Around 20K

So this is the cost of a simple  middle class wedding … [ Arranged Marraige ] . No one cares of cost when it comes to marriages .. It s the question of pride .. I had made a suggestion of ad model surrounding marriages which was thown away without any takers ..

If u have a marriage coming up .. Kindly check this out .. Be feel to ask any questions ..I will answer if i know !!



  Drishan wrote @

No problem dude…once this marriage is over, you will be the first one in the queue… You can get back all the money spent now as dowry later! So, keep a count of every paisa you are spending now 🙂

  hellotj wrote @

Hey we are not giving any dowry ..:) Its the cost of the preperation !! N i am totally against dowry …

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