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Wedding Preparation — Trailer

As the “Day” comes close .. preperations are in full swing !! We encountered many hurdles on our way from engagement to wedding . Dad getting a angioplasty done  .. on the same day some jewel thief( woman thief) stealing jewelery from my moms bag .. Roaming whole chickpet to trace this woman .. Fighting on road with foul language( mind u we were well educated) with this woman .. roaming to police station .. Roaming around bangalore location this woman’s sons adda .with the police .. Promising hazzar things .. N finally getting back our jewels …All these  , the same day when my dad gets discharged … N so not revealing anything to dad …. Well that was the worst day n night ever in my (our life) …Where we saw the “real” world . I ll elaborate on how theft happend .. How did we nab the thief — N how we save our souls !!


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  hellotj wrote @

Kenzie —
I don’t know exactly what you mean by “making” and “wastage.”

But, I do know that you can get a gold band (without a diamond) for as little as $200. At Tiffany, that band will start around $165 for silver, $600 for platinum with gold costing about $425.

Their diamond rings (engagement, wedding bands) are really what gets expensive. Those run from about $3,000 for a very small solitaire (1/4 carat) to over $600,000. A god place to find wedding shopping experience]

Hope that helps.

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