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After a long break

You might be wondering where the hell i had disappeared !! Sorry for delays .. I am back !!

Well I never want to make any article look factitious [ made up] . So was waiting for some incident that was really worth sharing , but again I nothing much great happening in life .  Now I understand why the sw guys get married soon … guess ?? Coz they dont want to be bugged only by bugs …

Well if u have folloed my blog you can easily say that of late I have developed an inclination towards civil services . But now the biggest challenge  is choosing the right path .

Path 1

In the current scenario , I am comfortable .. earning enough to feed my family [ though I dont have one] .. My moms all time dream is to build a big [ double] bedroom house . I am in the position to fullfill it .At present my house id divide .. In a 30*40 plot we have a small house behind and another house in front .. But we cannot join them .. as it wont give the right look !! So I can purchase this from my dad for 30L( the housing loan) and build a house .. [ good duplex one in 20L] and purchase a site for 10L . . . The EMI is 1k / L so have to pay 30K towards the house ..N everythings fine .. In another 5 years .. I can sell off the site … which would be atleast 15-16L .. n the EMI would have easily accounted for another 10L .. SO will be left with some small loan to get away with . So in 5 yrs I would have built a house and would have bought a car .. N hey I would be 27 – 28 SO will eventually marry .. Have kids .. voila the perfect normal life …. Should I settle with this ??


Leave the job for a year and join Vajiraman for civil services . Give a full hearted attempt . If I clear then good I ll get a pay of 14 K .. but ll have lots of power n responsibilities , get transfered now and then , but have a satisfaction of doing something for my people . I dont know if my mom’s dream will ever get fullfilled of living in a double bedroom house . I would call this as a difficult path [ coz it takes lots of commitment from me ]

If I fail , I gotta search for another job and start back the rat race all again .  N the whole story continues …….

So I have to choose between path 1 and path2 … I am arguing hard on these ..  Hope ur view points ll help me out



  Netravathi wrote @

Hi Satish,

Have been following your blog for sometime now, must say, its a good one 🙂

BTW, i think one should do things which one has passion for.If you are really interested in Civil Services, you should go for it !
After all, few years down the line, if you look back, you should have done something which you would feel happy and satisfied about.

And money is secondary man…first we should do things,which would contribute in a positive way to our land right ?

Again, its your passion which matters….you will definitely succeed 🙂

All the Best,

  hellotj wrote @

The biggest problem is when one is still searching for what one really loves … If there was an easy algorithm to find what one really loves i would have been the best contribution to mankind ..
Well here is what I think .. Life will give everyone an list of choices to choose from .. You can choose any one from that list .. n u gotta go further .. but unfortunately the “roll back” option is absent .. So once you choose something .. you gotta stick to it !!
<> … Ya trying hard to zero in .. 🙂 Even in Bhagvad Geeta Lord Krishna says ” Karmanye vadhikarasthe ma phaleshu kadachana” –> Do the work as a duty and not for results !!

  Ashish wrote @

Hi Satish
Saw ur scrap and got the blog from ur profile…
Well I was facing the same dilemma but now I have made up my mind to go for ‘Path 2’….
I know that its tough…but its something I really want to do…and I’ sure my (in ur case ur) parents will be happy to see u successful and satisfied in life…trust me…in no time she’s gonna forget the two-bedroom flat dream…though u can give it to her as a surprise… 🙂
I will be moving to Delhi this May..optionals being Pub Ad and Geog..I will take coaching for them till Oct and then jin Vaji in Oct for GS…do let me know ur plans…
In the end all i would say is that if u feel very strongly about something…go for it…u won’t regret later that u cud have done something different and did not try…and at such a young age (I am assuming here ;)) and with a NITK engg degre…job security shopuld be the last thing on ur mind…uness of course u have family responsibilities….
Sorry for the long comment….word limit exceeded…need to pratice putting thoughts in 200 😉
Stay in touch and keep me informed…
my ID :



well brohter,
I am also in the same situation of IAS vs Software Engineer.
If you get the correct answer ,then please mail me personally on my email id :

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