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A day in delhi — Desccription

As I decided to stay in Noida for couple of days more .. I just went to roam around Delhi .. Here goes a transcript that describes my short travel

I left my friends place at 9:00 and caught a cycle rickshaw to “bara bais” ..[ Ya Noida is one of the place where you can still find cycle-rickshaws ] to catch a bus to Rajendranagar .

Well once I reached RajendraNagar , I dropped in to Vajiraman to enquire abt civils …. Vajiraman is a professionally handled institute , but when i spoke to students there I hardly could find anyone who had resigned their job and had taken the coaching !! So it was a bit disheartening …  And also I wonder why most never give their civils attempt !!Then I decide to get a look at class notes of theirs .. So went to Ber Sarai .. in Old JNU campus .. Took a metro from Rajendranagar to Central Secratriat ..n then a bus from central secrartriat to  ber sara ( bus no 620) N i purchased the class notes at Jawahar book depot ..N follwed my way back to Noida ..



  thebiglife wrote @

Wait, so you memorized the places? Any memorable ones? 🙂

  hellotj wrote @

Na .. I did not memorize any place …. Exploring Delhi was like “enquire and proceed” … Interestingly I hit upon a couple of IAS aspirants in Metro .. n from bangalore !! The “ber sarai” was suggested by Judy .. the guy I met in metro ! N interestingly “Ber Sarai” has booth Beer and Sarai !!

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