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Adobe Tech Summit

Well I had been to Noida for attending Adobe’s tech Summit and it was definitely enligting .. Intrestingly I came upon a presentation of image search which happened to fall in some lines of my BTech final year project !!  Three days really rocked and was a high gyaan sessions ..

Keynote by sarnoff guy was very cool .. Especially where he demoed how they made a image speak !! Ya thats my tactic if when I stand for elections .. Every morning you gotta see me speak !! Well Sarn off appears to be a good company on the tech side ..Doing visual algorithms and stuff … solving intresting problems .. Great work Sarnoff

Well one enlightment I got was a new possible way of image compression , following discussions with Miller and my friend PC .. That was a nice experience ..

Then sneak peaks , and “Indian idol” I would say was not of standard of Adobe , atleast I expected .. It was like some college presentations …. But ya .. gotta appreciate the enthu … n courage ..

Overall it was a nice experience and it did induce some josh in me to travel further long …


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