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Buses In delhi — N the attitude of conductors

The key difference in the busses in Delhi and Bangalore is that in Delhi counductor sits in one seat [ called Conductor seat] and its responsibility of people to collect tickets as oppsed to bangalore where conductor keeps roaming n issuing tickects . Also in Delhi , the rear door of bus is used to for boarding and front door for alighting ..

Well It happened that in the bus I was travelling , a blind guy(X) was also travelling , and he was supposed to get down at the next stop . He asked some person(Y) and he asked this blind guy to go to the front for easiness .. but unfortunately no one guided the blind guy .. n he missed his stop .. This initate the fight between the conductor and person Y .. but no one seemed to help the blind guy !!

Coming to the point ….

Here the public servants never think they are actually public servants !! They behave as if they own the bus .. When Y threatened to complain ..conductor was like laughing !!

But Metro at the same time rocks !! Its an example where IT has changed the way of life …


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