Sail in ship of ambition and anchor at harbour of success

After all its a life which u live !!

We are humans .. a life span of 100 years … In this span of 100 years .. More than 90% spend their 20 + studying n another 20 yrs enabling their kids to study … U reach retirment by then … so retire n spend another few last years thinking what I have done so far ??

Coming to what one has done … A life can be said succesful if u can enable another hazaar lives live better .. Who are the guys whom you remember ??

1> Politicians : They make their way to ur memory irrespective of u like it or not !! Coz thats the way how they survive

2> Actors : Coz they entertain u when u have had a fight ur wife !!

Very few remember the people who are behind the scenes !! You code for Google , sell soaps for HUL or become a civil servant .. all that matters is what u did for the community or how you have affected the lives of the people . I hope everyone agrees to me that “affecting / changing lives of people” is the most dignified work ever possible .

Now the question arise whose life you want to change ?

  • People who are already making money .. You can help them to move from x to x power x .
  • People who are in abject poverty . They dont have two meals a day .

I was once asked if there ever existed such people who do not have two meals a day !! Unfortunately India is a nation of pluralism , at one extreme we are the major inventors of software for US and at the other extreme more than 50% of India do not have proper drinking water !!

There is  again a critical balance  to be striked out .. Personal vs public . How much of life would you devote for public , n how well u manage personal is a big challenge


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  sonia wrote @

i must say u have explained the crux of all the mess so beautifully n so simply…
i wud be glad if u can throw some light at what exactly an ias officer has power…i mean i want to serve people but simultaniously what exactly i wud be dealing…..

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