Sail in ship of ambition and anchor at harbour of success

Its all between Power vs Money

The choice between IAS n MBA/MS boils down straight , what you opt for ? Power ?? or Money ??

  • Are u ready to leave ur kids with ur parents ?? some 1000 km far away for their education ??
  • What u want power or money to buy the power ?
  •  Are u ready to get transfered every now and then ??

These are the primary hurdles that any official is faced with .. Ready for it ?? The choice is easier now …



  bibin wrote @

no idea!tryin to find out a soln.anyways i am sure of 1 thg.nowadays more & more ppl r optin for mba when compared to ias.power comes alon wth money.

  hellotj wrote @

Ya more and more people are opting MBA coz they can retire at 35 !!
You can ask anyone there .. their aim is to retire at 35 🙂

Again what do you mean by power ?
If power is the ability to influence , I doubt until you are uber rich .. Not with some riches which many others posses . To be uber rich , you need to be at some top most position even i private sector .. Not just another “person” . Thats the main thing .

  Omkar wrote @

IAS is never about money/power. There is a concept on this planet called “Social Service” which has been solely ignored in this chain of thoughts. I agree that power does come with IAS but it comes with hell lot of responsibility (If at all one can feel even a bit of it in current scenario). Other topic is money. If you want to earn money, you should be in Medical/Engineering/IT. There is no need to come to government and spoil the system further.

  hellotj wrote @

Thanks for reitreating that “money” is not a factor to be choosing civils …
I have written another post
to answer the subtle differences btw MBA /IAS .. Kindly do comment back

  sim wrote @

if u have money….one thinks he can buy any thing….but that s not true…
if one gets the oppurtunity to be powerful…then he should not run behind money..

  Erokhane wrote @

Money is simply a medium of exchange. Power is simply a force that obviously changes situations.

Money is only of importance because many people use money and also because people above all other creatures on this planet have the power to change situations.

Knowing how to literally deal with people is the ultimate for of power on this planet anyways. People are the key to almost all knowledge on this planet.

You can have no money, yet be the most powerful being on this planet, simply by bartering with everything you have besides money.

For example dome famous courtesans like Ninon de Lenclos didn’t money. She had something that many powerful men wanted. She didn’t have to use money acquire food. The best foods of her time were easily available to her.

Money is only a medium of exchange. Money can sometimes be a waste of time.

For instance if you and a lover want to kiss, do you really have to exchange money first? Nah… Unless you choose to for various possible reasons.

Intelligence is the ultimate asset. Money is nothing but a means of exchange. Unless you count selling or renting money as a product. Which is an entirely different discussion.

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