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Automated Parking systems

Most of the time we get stuck in the parking .. because of the hapazardly arranged vehicles . This has also resulted in the traffic jam around many junctions in bangalore .

How should a parking system be ?

Ideally speaking we should automate this parking system . This should be designed in such a way that any person who wants to park will approach a lift . The lift will automatically ‘analyse” where should it park and suitably places the car in that particular stack and returns the key to the user .

When user needs to get back his car he swipes this key and hurrah !! he has his car ..

May be even the “loyalty ” schemes and other gimmicks can be applied to commercialise the system .

if there are any builders reading this post .. Why shouldnt we build such a system ?


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  Todd Gallagher wrote @

Why should we build such a system? That’s easy, more cars less space – please visit our website at

Our Robotic Parking Systems will do everything you have requested and more. Our systems use about 50% less space than conventional parking garages and take about half the time to erect.

I would love to discuss in further detail with you. Please send your contact information via our website and I’ll promptly reply.

Todd M. Gallagher,
Chief Operations Officer
Apex Skypark, Inc.

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