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How can we improve the traffic condition in our city ?

Every morning when we kick start our bikes to ride to the office we inadvertently contribute to the traffic mess that get created across the way . Lets discuss what practically could be done to control the traffic mess in Bangalore .

1. Work from Home :

Companies and management should think of having one day as a WFH day . Some management systems/tactics should evolve so that WFH is effective for the employer and employee !!

2. Public Transport Day

Once a week we should have a Public Transport Day and this will depend again on the “office ” location.

3. Metro Train

Once Metro train is up .. I dont see any point people travellling for an hour when you can reach the destination is 15 min !! But the catch is the stations ( Metro stations) should have very good parking . Possibly paring could be a automated system where a person goes and leaves the car on a lift and lift intelligently places the car in a stack and returns a key !! Th eperson can use this key to get his car back down . This way efficient parking system will be possible . And traffic will surely come under control

4. Induce discipline in riders

Most of us generally blame “auto” drivers . Ya true to most extent … but sometimes even we fine some civilians blocking and making way through “possible’ gaps …Some discipline should be brought among civilians ..



  Vivek M A wrote @

A slick entry. The metro parking thing is seemingly from science fiction and might not really be feasible. I guess you’re from Bangalore, and i agree with most of the things you have said. Then again, how much of it is wishful thinking?

  hellotj wrote @

Actually the “Metro” parking can be implemented . In fact when you would have observed some mechanical systems that lift your car when you give it for a service (Sagar Automobiles) .
So its really possible to build some control systems for parking !!
[ If it does not exist the definitely .. We can consider ourselves as innovators !!]

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