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Comparing IPL with Mahabharatha

In Mahabharatha , when it was almost sure that the war was going to happen kauravas and Pandavas started lobbying for warriors . Duryodhana(Dur) was succesful in luring all the stalwarts and finally comes to lure Krishna . Yudistira (Yud)also at the same time comes to Krishna . Since Krishna was sleeping both decide to wait fo him to wake up .. and with som eego Mr Dur sits perpendicular to Krishna’s head and Mr Yud near his feet .. Everybody knows the story there after .

Cricketer’s auctiones for IPL has some pattern with the mahaBharatha as mentioned above .. but the difference being its the fight btw liquour and theatre ..

IPL has already created some embarassing situations .. for eg Utthappa .. who did his schooling at BHSS( Bangalore Higher Secondary School) and went to represent India through karnataka , is now playing for Mumbai!!

Symonds and bhaji .. the North and south are now in the same team .. I dont know if that has bridged some gaps or has widened the gaps even more ….

But on ething for sure we have got more news to read nowadays in the News papers 🙂


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