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The future of Gaming Industry

Without a zilch of doubt in mind we can easily say that future of gaming industry is mmorpg . These are games where people done a avatar in th virtual world and skim through the experiences . They fight dragons as in WOW or fly across the islands and teleport to IBM germany .. as in second life .

The main attractions in these games are that at any given time you will find other people with whom you can chat/ fight etc etc .. In a sense second life adds life to “chat”.. ofcourse with other “stuffs” .

Now speaking of the businesses these mmorpgs are converting the “virtual money” to the real “$$” . In the secon Life they have the Lindan $ which trades as 300 Lindan $ == 1$ . Similarly we find lots of “gold farmers” in China .. whose only work is to Kill monsters , or procure weapons etc etc and supply them to affluent western people who play the game . This has actually become a new avenue of business where people who work as farmers earn anywhere near 120 $ to 250 $ !! And also they have PF , health etc ect ..

The important point here to be noted is that these mmorpgs have created new opportunities , but at the same time have the capability to “affect” the real “economy” . In fact some Govts are seriously watching them .

Also companies like IBM buy islands after islands in the second life and use it for crowd sourcing . Sony has also very well used the second life .. In fact to such a extent that they will be soon launching their version of second life .

But ya hold on .. everythings not a cake walk .. If you wish to have a detailed understanding of How this Gold farming works read this.

But given the fact that in India there are so many people who are looking for a work .. Getting paid for playing games is not a “bad” idea 🙂

Soon my expectation is that we can find a bunch of “Gold mining centres” here in India which would employ youngsters to mine gold online .. Continue colonisation ??


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