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The Bangalore Dons !!

Well it happened that I was chattinmg with some people and I came across a person who seemed to know this “underworld” pretty well . The following is inspired by his words .

Who is the “don”

Currently the “don” of bangalore is “Agni Sridhar” . He is a bald guy and always wears a Rayban to prevent the shine of eyes from striking you and he resides in Padmanabhanagar .

Why would anyone go to a don

Normally in businesses , we come across lot of defaulters . Say you are a businessman and say some “B” owes you money . If you go to court unnecessarily the case gets streched and money loses its value along with time . So there is no use of fighting for 50 Lakhs in court for 5 years .. Instead they come to “don” .He acts as a standing judge .. and can extort .. do whatever he want to give you justice. He takes a cut in the money

Wouldnt the defaulters go to don for rescue ??

Yes , they do come .. and generally the deals happens between two dons and the lender and defaulter dont do any talking .. They abide by the don’s words .. [ Thats the rule] .

Where can you find the Dons ??

Actually every area has a don .. for eg Vijaynagar has Govinda .. etc . These dons also maintain offices .. One such office is near Railway track of Vijaynagar . Also all members meet in Kadamba hotel of basweshwarnagar after 8 . It is said that “Agni Sridhar” himself comes to this Kadmaba hotel .. to preside over important decisions . It is also said that “chota mota kaam” gets settled by a phone call .

Wouldnt Police interrupt ?? Cant you approach police ??

Yes ofcourse you can …. But see the apathy .. the Notary which sit in front of utility building has to pay a hafta of Rs 200 per day ( not a joke) . The place where justice is fought , where you can expect utmost security .. people pay hafta to dons .. ( not police constables) .

Is this the only source of money ??

No not all .. nowadays best business the dons are entering is “newspaper/journals” .. They publish the unheard scenes and stories [ ya even Ravi belegare was a don] .

How to escape when u are attacked by hooligans ?

Tell them You r “Agni Sridhar’s ” gang member 🙂 or Somanna’s shishya 🙂



  subbulakshmi wrote @

I dont know who you are but i can alos sit here and IMAGINE all sorts of thinsg about you and claim they are true. You dont a THING about dons or anything for that matter. About Agni Sridhar you have no clue whatsovever. i think you REALLY need to go get a life instead of writing such nonsense. I am serious. Plse at leats TRY to read before you can write. Yes. get some general knowledge. Bless you.

  Vinod wrote @

Who the @##% are you man? Guess you typed some bullshit for pleasure or pressure

there is a limit to lie, guess you have now Idea who and how is Agni sreedhar.

The most gentleman and the most Intellectual on this earth.

as previous comment says go get life first!

  gopal wrote @

I would like to meet Agni to brief him about Ravishankar’s AOLs land grabbing activity. Can i contact him over phone. Pl give his address or contact no.

  sram wrote @

Agni Sridhar, thinker and journalist 9448353546

  Jal sriram wrote @

Agni Sridhar is a man convicted and jailed for the following crimes:
1. Murder of 16 Dalit and 42 Brahmin families during the 1980s and 1990s.
2. Rape of 4 women who subsequently turn hostile.
3. Extortion, primarily of builders and software companies.

He has tried to position himself as a journalist since 2004 to escape the clutches of law. I am personally from one of the familiies victimised by his actions.

THERE IS NO DOUBT THAT THIS MOVE WILL BE HIS GRAVE. I wish he is buried 50000 feet below the ground so that there is no more people like him on the planet again.

  Bubbu wrote @

Are you his keep subbulakshmi? Why don’t you raise your standards and find someone better!

  Deve gowda wrote @

Why is Agni Sridhar called so?

His hair got burnt and thus he became stark bald. To celebrate the occasion his detractors named him Agni Sridhar!

  rudrappa wrote @

I really appreciate some of the social reforms, revolution work of Agni Sridhar, who is trying to educate our youth by bringing to light the mis-deeds done by great people who have made money thru illegal means. Now, what I urge Sridhar is that, in India, we much change the CULTURE of GARBHA GHDU (Sanctom Sanctorium) and Dalits and boys from other Caste, should purely become Vegetarians, learn Vedas and Become Priests so that India can have a very very REalised Vedic culture, which is under the control of very few now. Then only we can say that India has changed by removing the Caste System and inculcating HIgh Spirituality achieved by Saints like Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Yoganandji, Vivekananda, Gandhiji etc., etc.,

  nitin wrote @

i think whoever has written this nonsense is an insignificant shit of this century….hey someone has commented that a.sridhar has killed brahmins, if i was in his position then i would have eradicateds entire brahmin caste bcs there are responsible for caste systems. they are guinne pigs.

  prateek wrote @

Dude.. Hes a legend in the bangalore mafia no doubt… But i dont think hes in the same league as Muthappa Rai hes da real don of bangalore.. Athough he and Shridhar renounced voilence … Frankly ask any1 in bangalore wudve heard of Muthappa Rai mayb even people from many other states too… But u hav to have known a lot abt the bangalore mafia to know shridhar…… For ur information Muthappa Rai is also involved in the dubai mafia too!!!

  Ajay shah wrote @

He is a nice person, i do not think anybody should talk nonsense about him without knowing him….he is educated, and intelligent, and intellectual. (ajay Shah)

  Vijay kumar.T wrote @

This author is deliberately trying to bring down a truely reformed social activist
AGNI sridhar is a highly respected socialist and thinker he was perhaps the only great writer emerging from underworld in whole india.
This author is prejudiced and a a lier.bull shit story.

  RAJENDRA wrote @

well, wd like to meet him,I read his book ‘shava sadhakara madhye’, superb book—RAJENDRA

  sariyadgopal wrote @

i wanna become a leader ilke agni

  sariyadgopal wrote @

agni bai mind and bachan bai hand brilliant and strengthfull

  sariyadgopal wrote @

finally this underworld king agni

  jeetu wrote @

dont u dare speak about shridhar anna or else i will piss u all no one is born criminal this bloody society makes them to take these steps……

  zakee wrote @

Is it really agni sirs number

  ravi kiran wrote @

i thought agni is good journalist and leader , but as heard about yesterday about his comment against bhagavadgitha, its realy not quality of journalist or leader ship, No one should write against any religion favourates , believeness
its too bad ………..

  rajan wrote @

s correct

  vikash (vicky jacker) wrote @

i wnt to meet with agni sridha i have some problem where i can meet wih him . its very urgent…..

  krishna wrote @

hello mr.nithin.. u don’t have the right to scold brahmins…
the main reason for caste system is our corrupt leaders… whole brahmins society is not responsible for that.. mind your tung before bark… stupid

  Shaik Arfath wrote @

Nobody ll become like Agni Anna in all over Karnataka Bhai So soon I’m Coming to Meet U Sir Ur Great :*

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