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IAS vs SW vs MBA contd …

Well after a considrable thoughts following are some conclusions / theories built solely by me ..

Well now let us consider a Software industry .. We can find two types of programmers/companies . One that deal with platforms ( MS,IBM,Adobe) and other that deal with applications ( lots … ) .. If u have been a keen observer then you can easily say that ultimate master is one who builds platforms .. which allows other to build something on top of it .. If u develop a sw which solves a particluar problem.. u r building a application … But if u build a sw which give capabilites to solve a genre of problems u r building a platform … Its undisputed that platforms r the winners in the long term …

Lets bring this analogy to the real world ..

In the real world we have nations .. ( compare them to objects in OOPS) .. nations have some policies( comapre them to interfaces in OOPS) .. with each other .. Business are the applications that consume these interfaces .. and grow ..

Where is the real challenge ?? Building applications or frameworks ?? Both are equally intresting and equally challenging ..

If ur an MBA .. u can visualise urself as a application programmer … U deal with a application .. ( Business) and you consume the platform ..

If ur into civils you deal with the platform … defining/modifying interfaces btw the countries …that business can consume …

So the option is yours .. Wanna be with the platform / wanna be with applications ??


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  vds wrote @

Echoes my thoughts.
Though I personally have a tilt towards platforms.
Nicely written.

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