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Civil Service and Sanskrit

Sanskrit is a subject which has been known for scoring thorught the life of a student ..but yet we find very few takers of Sanskrit in UPSC . The main reason being lack of reliable materials in the market and over advertisements of sucess of other subjects . After much enquiry I did research into the Subjects and syllabus and here are the findings .


1> The sylabus is small and limited [ Means there cannot be a total surprise in the question paper . One has to just write what he is prepared on] .

2> Sanskrit is scientific , if u already learnt Sanskrit would have realised this . Thus much scoring . Infact It has given some aspirants as high as 450 .

3> Every year there are some people who have cleared with Sanskrit like Sharat , Ritu etc of recent . [ Best part is u can directly speak to them to know the pit falls]

4> After speaking to Sharat , I got the reference of Dr Rajendra Kumar who teaches Sanskrit for UPSC .He is a nice gentleman who is ready to help aspirants to great level . He can be reached at 9818559711 . [ This is for the benifit of aspirants , not for telemarketers] If you are a aspirant and seeking some serious guidance then he is one of the best option . He has maintained notes which is a contribution of his students who have cleared UPSC via Sanskrit . I have the copy of notes [ hard copy  not digitized] .

5> Genrally one has studied Sanskrit more than Geography or other subject ..

I hope this provides some insight into Sanskrit for UPSC .

For details here



  Shanthilal J wrote @

hi dear,
I am resident of Bangalore and I am preparing for IAS taking sanskrit as an optional.I would like to know how could I get the notes and guidance from Dr Rajendra Kumar , could you please give in detail regarding how could I contact him and be benefitted by his able guidance.Please reply me as early as possible.

  rashmi.pv wrote @

nice to know about the facts.keep it up and keep posting the needed information.

  vijay wrote @

If possible can you send me your study material

my Email id is

  hellotj wrote @

Regarding the Sanskrit material :
1. If u r in Delhi , You can please contact sir himself .

2 . If you r in Bangalore , kindly contact me .

3. If you from any other part of India ,

>> Kindly let me know how you can collect it from me , Instead of sending plain rqsts for notes , kindly include the medium / how you can collect it from me .

>> I will send you the copy only
1. I wont bear any cost ( Of course you should pay for postage + Xerox)

2. You agree to act as a seed . In the sense , some day in future , if some other person contacts me for notes form your place , I will point that guy to you , So that he might not have to bear the additional cost .


  M.Praveen kumar wrote @

Hello sir
My name is M.Praveen kumar, student of agri university from Tamil nadu.I have studied sanskrit till eight standard.will it be sufficient for me to cope up in the exam?pls reply.

  arvind wrote @

Dear sir
I am just looking for chat to people who have got success through plz do provide me some contact details.Thanks for ur informative article abt sanskrit

  hellotj wrote @

@Arvind : You can contact Rajendra Kumar Sir or Sharad

  Ankit Srivastav wrote @

sir, i m living in amravati(maharashtra) and want the study material for sanskrit could u please tell me how could i get the material.plz do rply…

  hellotj wrote @

Kindly contact Sir ..He will be able to help you ..His number and mail in the post

  Anjana wrote @

Hello sir, i m living in bangalore and wanted the study material for sanskrit .Can I contact u to get the material??plz do rply…

  sankar wrote @


nice to get some useful info from i m in chennai …… i do need guidance for sanskrit as option for indian language from where can i get it

  dhananjay dwivedi wrote @

Dear sir, I am dhananjay dwivedi a Agriculture graduate. I am leaving near to Varanasi(Mirzapur). Sir I have studied sanskrit till 12th standard. I have good interest to learn sanskrit. Can I opt Sanskrit as 2nd optional? I do need guidance for sanskrit as option for indian language from where can i get it. My medium of examination is Hindi. Is that necessary to opt sanskrit those who have studied up to graduation or post graduation level?
plz do rply…

  kumar gaurav wrote @

Dear sir , i m gaurav and leaving in new delhi . i need sanskrit notes for IAS. can u please give me your contact no.. so that i can contact u as earliest as possible. please do reply

  hellotj wrote @

For notes and classes Kindly contact Sir .. This is my answer .. even if u mail me personally ..

Only if u r in Blore you can pick up from me

  vipin sharma wrote @

I want to talk to you regarding the preparation with sanskrit subject.

can you please drop me your contact address / phone at sh [dot] vipin [at]

  Ankit Srivastav wrote @

Dear Sir, I m from kolkatta and i want the study material for sanskrit . I can collect the material in hand so kindly tell me where will i have to go in order to get the material.Kindly mention the address. Plz do reply.
Thank u sir.

  kartik charan wrote @

sir i m kartik from jodhpur and i want to take sanskrit in I.C.S can i have it with eng medium/plz answer at my email adderess n i m also preparing for JNU PG in sanskrit entrance……..

  hellotj wrote @

I too am answering in English medium boss .. u can easily do that

  Anand Prakash wrote @

Sir, you have mentioned on 30-1-2009 that you can send the study materials. Are you still able to send the materials if I fulfill the criteria you have mentioned???

  hellotj wrote @

Sure … Not a issue ..

  Anand Prakash wrote @

sir, you have asked to pay for the xerox and the postal expenses. That can be easily handled by me. This can be done in 2 ways:
1) If you mail me your account no. along with bank and the branch information or
2)If you have a SBI ATM card, just mail me your atm card no., I will transfer the money to your atm.
I am very much agree with your 2nd condition. In future, I’ll help anybody as today you are helping me.

  Anand Prakash wrote @

my email id:
or you can call me on 9733741167

  Suren wrote @


I would like to get the notes through post from you. I would pay for the xerox and the postal expenses. Let me know the details. My mail ID –


  vipin kumar mishra wrote @

sir, i m living in varansi and want the study material for sanskrit could u please tell me how could i get the material.plz do rply…

  manoj wrote @


I would like to get the notes through post from you. I would pay for the xerox and the postal expenses. Let me know the details. My mail ID –

  shekhar160 wrote @

Dear Hellotj,
Ist of all kudos 2 u for ur brilliant suggestion & clarification regarding taking Sanskrit as optional subject…Hope it has provided a gr8 help 2 many aspirants.It has certainly boosted up my interest 2words sanskrit.
Abt me i hav studied Sanskrit upto 10th level & now aftr 10yrs wish 2 learn it again primarily to clear upsc exam.Shall anyone will confm is it possible 2 clear da exam taking it as optional that 2 starting from 0 level….How much time it will take to cover da syllabus???? I will b pleased to get ur suggestion

  mukesh wrote @

best Sanskrit Literature & philosophy notes in Hindi

  Sajan Shetty wrote @

Hi Satish TJ, your blog is really nice.I’m planning to take up the UPSC exam with Sanskrit as my subject.I live in Vijayanagar in Bangalore.Can you please let me know a way to contact you in order to collect the Sanskrit study material from you.

Sajan Shetty

  Anand Prakash wrote @

Dear Hellotj
Right now I am in bangalore. Are you still in bangalore? Kindly let me know as soon as possible. I want to collect the study meterial for Sanskrit from you. I can contacted on 9555446294.

  Anand Prakash wrote @

Hello All
If anybody has collected the study material for Sanskrit from Hellotj or Rajendra sir, Kinldy let me know. my email id is

  D wrote @

It’s been a very long time since this post. Is the option of picking up the notes still available? May I contact Mr.Rajendra on the same phone no. now? Will be glad for an early response here or at deboleena.r[at]gmail[dot]com

Thank you 🙂

– Deboleena, Bangalore

  anuj wrote @

Could you please let me know your contact details , or how can I collect the study material from you ?


  saurabhsaket wrote @

It seems a long time has elapsed since the last post. Can I get the notes even now. Plz tell fast I am writing mains this year. Thanks in advance. You can mail details on

  ravi wrote @

i hv opted sanskrit in Civil Services n i took coaching from KB Sir of Panini Classes in Delhi.
he is a fantastic guide n very analytical in teaching.
his command on the subject is superb bt the only drawback is that he teaches in Hindi medium n provides English study- material.
if anybody wishes to contact- 09312100162(Dr. Kailash Bihari,P.hD. Sanskrit

  Saurabh Mishra wrote @

Hi sir, I am an ias aspirant with english medium and live in delhi.I need sanskrit notes.pls let me know how can I get it. My email id is:
saurabhforupsc@gmail. com

  Vandana Chahal wrote @

Sir, I wanna opt Sanskrit for appearing in cse and I need ur favour. I am a government employee and this is my probation period, so I can’t attend the coaching classes. Pls provide me study material for the same and i’ll pay for the same. Pls mention ur charges and mode of payment. Thanx

  shekhar wrote @

Hi sir, I am an IAS aspirant with hindi medium. I need Sanskrit study material/notes because I cannot attend coaching classes. please let me know how can I get it ? I will pay for the same. my E-mail ID is- Thanx.

  anji wrote @

Sir Goodmorring my daughter want write civils as Sanskrit main.plz give guidance and good material availablity.Now we are in Andra Pradesh

  Brajesh malviya wrote @

Dear sir, my name is brajesh malviya from bhopal.kindly guide me how can i get the material for sanskrit in english medium.
I have asked some of my friends to get it there in delhi but they too are just getting it on shops as hindi one.please help me out this sir

  naveen wrote @

Hello All,
i am new to this chat group. I am an IAS aspirant and i am planning to take Sanskrit as optional. I request you all, if someone can provide Rajendra Sir’s notes. I am living abroad but my parents are residing at Ajmer, Rajasthan. I sincerley ask for help. I will pay the postal charges and xerox charges.

  head wrote @

can anybody tell me where rajendra sir teaches in delhi ?

  saumya wrote @

Please share the scanned copy of your sanskrit notes from rajendra sir class.

  ajaynegi152 wrote @

Material for Sanskrit optional

  ajaynegi152 wrote @

Please send Sanskrit optional material

  Yogendra Sharma wrote @

Sir, at present I’m in Delhi & can reach any part of it for the Sanskrit notes.Sir kindly show me the way.Waiting for your reply at-

  suvarn wrote @

Sir i want to know about sanskrit online coaching please help me sir….

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