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Detailed Stratergy For Sanskrit in UPSC

1> Study Material :
Sanskrit study material is pretty difficult to get . However in the market we find Upkar Publications Sanskrit by Dr Mitilesh Pandey . One can also approach Dr Rajendra Kumar for his compilation of notes which he has maintained form all his previous students .

2> Way to go about

The syllabus can be spilt into 1> Grammar 2> Non Grammar part .
A better explanation can be got by analysing the syllabus as follows

There will be three questions which must be answered in Sanskrit. The remaining questions must be answered either in Sanskrit or in the medium of examination opted by the candidate.


  1. Significant features of the grammar, with particular stress on Sanjna, Sandhi, Karaka, Samasa, Kartari and Karmani vacyas (voice usages) (to be answered in Sanskrit).
    This is the Grammar part which is also very scoring .
    1. Main characteristics of Vedic Sanskrit language.
    2. Prominent features of classical Sanskrit language.
    3. Contribution of Sanskrit to linguistic studies .             [ To be answered in Medium of Exam]
      Generally one question comes from this part . All the answers are well defined . So possibility of high marks
  2. General Knowledge of
    1. Literary history of Sanskit,———- [ To be prepared in Medium of Exam]
    2. Principal trends of literary criticism      —– One question from here . Since answer is well known and scientific .High marks 
    3. Ramayana,
    4. Mahabharata  —————— A cursory look on these two would be fine
    5. The origin and development of literary geners of:
      • Mahakavya
      • Rupaka (drama)
      • Katha
      • Akhyayika
      • Campu
      • Khandakavya
      • Muktaka Kavya. ——————- on these Its advised to skip . Because more effort is needed and you have option to skip  . One is generally advised to avoid this   Question


  1. Essentials of Indian Culture with stress on
    1. Purusarthas-
    2. Samskaras-
    3. Varnasramavyavastha
    4. Arts and fine arts
    5. Technical sciences              ———————— To be answered in Medium of Exam
  2. Trends of Indian Philosophy
    1. Mimansa
    2. Vedanta
    3. Nyaya
    4. Vaisesika
    5. Sankhya
    6. Yoga
    7. Bauddha
    8. Jaina
    9. Carvaka ————————————– Skip this question
  3. Short Essay in Sanskrit ———————— One place where marks varies [ Not a very high scoring area]
  4. Unseen passage with the questions, to be answered in Sanskrit.   —————– High Scoring area. Simple questions will be given . If u can understand Sanskrit then you can definitely score here


Question from Group 4 is to be answered in Sanskrit only. Question from Groups 1, 2 and 3 are to be answered either in Sanskrit or in the medium opted by the candidate.


General study of the following groups:-

  1. Group 1
    • Raghuvamsam-Kalidasa
    • Kumarasambhavam-Kalidasa
    • Kiratarjuniyam-Bharavi
    • Sisupalavadham-Magha
    • Naisadhiyacaritam-Sriharsa
    • Kadambari-Banabhatta
    • Dasakumaracaritam -Dandin
    • Sivarajyodayam-S.B. Varnekar—————————–  Before hand preperation .[ So medium scoring ]
  2. Group 2
    • Isavasyopanisad
    • Bhagavadgita
    • Sundarakanda of Valmiki’s Ramayana
    • Arthasastra of Kautilya
  3. Group 3
    • Svapnavasavadattam- Bhasa
    • Abhijnanasakuntalam- Kalidasa
    • Mrcchakatikam-Sudraka
    • Mudraraksasam-Visakhadatta
    • Uttararamacaritam- Bhavabhuti
    • Ratnavali-Sriharshavardhana
    • Venisamharam- Bhattanarayana———————— Advised to Skip
  4. Group 4
      Short notes in Sanskrit on the following

    • Meghadutam-Kalidasa
    • Nitisatakam-Bhartrhari
    • Panchtantra-
    • Rajatarangini-Kalhana
    • Harsacaritam-Banabhatta
    • Amarukasatakam-Amaruka
    • Gitagovindam-Jayadeva—————————— To be answered in Sanskrit . Pre preperation is necessary


Questions from Groups 1 & 2 are to be answered in Sanskrit only. (Questions from Groups 3 & 4 are to be answered in Sanskrit or in the medium opted by the candidate).

This Section will require first hand reading of the following selected texts :-

  1. Group 1
    • Raghuvansam-Canto I, Verses 1 to 10
    • Kumarasambhavam-Canto I, Verses 1 to 10
    • Kiratarjuniyam-Canto I, Verses 1 to 10—————- To be answered in Sanskrit . [ High score area]
  2. Group 2
    • Isavasyopanisad-verses-1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 15 and 18
    • Bhagavatgita II chapter verses 13 to 25
    • Sundarakandam of Valmiki Canto 15, Verses 15 to 30 (Geeta Press Edition)———— To be answered in Skt [ High Score area]
  3. Group 3
    • Meghadutam-verses 1 to 10
    • Nitisatakam-Verses 1 to 10 (Edited by D.D. Kosambi Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Publication)
    • Kadambari-Sukanasopadesa (only)————————————————- To be answered in English
  4. Group 4
    • Svapnavasavadattam Act VI
    • Abhijnansakuntalam Act IV verses 15 to 30 (M.R. Kale Edition)
    • Uttararamacaritam Act 1 verses 31 to 47 (M.R. Kale Edition)——————————- Skip

The above stratergy will enable one to answer all the questions as of UPSC .

For further guidance please contact Dr .Rajendra Kumar @9818559711.

PS: I was reffered to Dr Rajendra Kumar by Sharat who is a IAS 2006 and cleared with Sanskrit optional . Actually there are many others whom Sir has guided with Sanskrit .



  hellotj wrote @

So in
Paper 1

Section A
You need to prpepare { I , II , III ( a,b) ( c &d Cursory look) (Skip e)

Section B
You need to prepare {I , Skip II , III ( Sanskrit essay) IV ( unseen passsage)}

Paper II
Section A
{ Group I and Group IV}
Section B
{ Group 1 , 2 and 3 }

I hope this helps . If you are looking for Study Material or any specific guidance kindly contact Rajendra Kumar sir .


  soumya wrote @

can you please display atleast one sample question paper

  hellotj wrote @

Hi .. You get the sanskrit paper in market by Satish n Bros publisher .. I will try to display the paper after prelims .


Sir I contacted Rajendra Kumar Sir but for the last two days I am not able to contact him.I have decided to have coaching and guidance under him and he told he is about to start classses from 11th June and I am moving on 12th to reach 13th of June so I am not able to contact him and say that I will be late.Has his no changed?Plz help me sir.Plz give ur contact no and email id Sir.Thanks Joyanta Chakraborty,IRSEE(IES-2005)

  K L PAVAN KUMAR wrote @

i want attend this exam.

  Aman Jha wrote @

i studied sanskrit till class 10th and want to take sanskrit as optional in civil services exam. i stay in south delhi. and am working . i can somebody pls guide

  hellotj wrote @

You may contact Prof Rajendra ..09871635220..He stays in Yamuna vihar .. He will help you out

  Dr.Ajay Sharma wrote @

i am an ayurvedic doctor and have studied sanskrit till class tenth and some extension of the subject i had done in my studies of ayurvedic medicine..

please tell me if sanskrit as an optional can help me in clearing the exam.

i am new to the preparations and still deciding optionals for myself.

i live in chandigarh, so please advise accordingly..

  hellotj wrote @

The question you need to answer is can you writ a 2 page essay on some topics like pollution , women empowerment in sanskrit … if yes u can take ..

  Rajeev Kapoor wrote @

Dear Hellotj ji,
I am from Bangalore and preparing for Civil Services and want to opt Sanskrit as one subject. For that I want to see the study material but I don’t know but I don’t know your contact. Can you please give me your contact. My contact is 9686588549.

  hellotj wrote @

You may contact Dr rajendra kumar His email id is Thanks Satish TJ

  shashank dabas wrote @

sir,i study sanskrit till tenth class and get 84 marks. Now i am a geography hons. student, please guide me that is it suit me take sanskrit with geo. as optionals also is sanskrit scoring or not?

  rs wrote @


For you Sanskrit is not at all scoring. You better don’t take the exam at all. If you want to be a civil servant then work in railway station

  Ramesh Pandey wrote @

Dear Hellotj, I appreciate your effort and kind deed. I have been preparing Sanskrit for few months. I am good at it. But, I have one serious problem. Since, my medium is English I have to translate all the material in to English from Hindi which I find very difficult without any guidance because writing “literary” English is no easy task for me. My question to you is that- does sir help the students from English background to?
I request you to please reply even if you find my question totally undesired because I have seen here people in Mukherjee Nagar giving notes only in Hindi.

  ShabnamHazrat wrote @

man did you pass the exam this year?

  hellotj wrote @

I am in reserved list 2009 .. waiting for service allocation

  jagdish wrote @

can anybody give me the mobile nos of Dr. Rajendra Sir…. I am preparing for civil services with sanskrit as a subject…. I contacted him on the nos already exist in this site… but could not contact…

  mukesh wrote @

best Sanskrit Lterature & philosophy notes in Hindi

  Ananthakrishnan wrote @

Dear Sir,

My name is Ananthakrishnan. I am a doctor from Kerala, Now preparing for the Civil Service Exam. Sanskrit was my first language in school and I had took a liking to the subject, Hence I have opted it as a subject for CS. I would like to get those notes of yours, via mail. Could you please tell me what I should do to get the same?

Thanking You
Dr. Ananthakrishnan



  SANJEEV wrote @

please provide me the list of some useful books for UPSC Sanskrit Mains My E mail Id is

  pankaj wrote @


  saurabhsaket wrote @

It seems a long time has elapsed since the last post. Can I get the notes even now. Plz tell fast I am writing mains this year. Thanks in advance. You can mail details on

  adeve wrote @

hi hellotj. can you please share with me the soft copy of the notes? you just let me know your bank account details and I will do an online transfer into your account. my mail id is .

  kishor wrote @

I am appearing cs this year with Sanskrit optional paper.please advice me how to get notes at Bangalore
My id-

  BHANU PRATAP wrote @

I owe you a hearty Thanks! I have been a profound supporter of Sanskrit. I have learnt the language since I started to speak!! In school I was Topper and have persued it till 10th. After that in our education system, there is very little support for sanskrit, hence I had to leave it midway. When I decided to go for UPSC, sanskrit came as an obvious choice (i have seen the magic of pareto’s principle in sanskrit, and have been a topper throughout without even devoting 50 hr of self study in whole year!!) For mains I was dicey between History and sanskrit. You solved my dilemma. Thanks a Ton!!

  Sayali wrote @

Hi.. Sir, i hv studied Sanskrit till 10th(maharashtra state board). I had scored 95/100 in the board exam without ny hardwork…… I am wishig totake sanskrit as opt. What do u think abt my decision?

  raj wrote @

can you please tell me combination of subject .i have choosen Sanskrit

  Vivek wrote @

Pls provide me Sanskrit mains notes

  sonali srijan wrote @

Kindly let me know whether you provide any online or correspondence course. I’m interested in taking Sanskrit for UPSC preparations. I’ve been very devoted to this subject since my school days, was a constant topper, and can even converse in Sanskrit. Please send me the details asap.

  मुकेश कुमार wrote @

नमस्करोमि ….अहं मुकेश कुमारः अपि संस्कृत विषये ज्ञातुम इच्छामि …अहमपि संस्कृत-विषयेन सहैव २०१५ मुख्य परीक्षायां सफ़ल् भवितुं प्रयत्न करोमि—- धन्यवादः

  anand wrote @

अपना ईमेल ID दीजिये मुकेश जी!

  Amit Yadav wrote @

I have studied sanskrit till 10th standard only. Is it good to took sanskrit as optional for CSE 2016.
plz suggest

  Amit Yadav wrote @

  mukesh kumar wrote @

anand ji mera mail id h …

  sonali wrote @

Kindly send me the details of where I can get a correspondence course , books and study material details .

  sadhana wrote @

some text is available bhoj online university site, but then again its in hindi
u have to translate it into english

  john pra wrote @

delhi sanskrit sansthan can help you,if ur optional is sanskrit……please register for mains sanskrit classes

  achint sharma wrote @

Sir i want to choose sanskrat optionL so please

  saumya wrote @

Can someone please share the soft copy of sanskrit notes by rajendra sir in panini classes?

  Ajitabh Gupta wrote @

Detailed Analysis of Sanskrit Optional Syllabus, relevant Books and content can be found here ..

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