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List of “Must” study for PubAd prelims

The following is the list of materials which one should be thoroughly prepared for PubAd prelims . One needs to be thorough with definitions/ statements and meanings of statements of Thinkers . For eg If you know “Acess to Boss” was concept forwarded by Urwick , its not enought should be able to identitfy that “Acess to boss ” was framed by Urwick in refrence to describe factors acffecting span of control and under “Space” . Such a clarity can come only by repeated repeition .

This list is complete . In the sense any serious Pub Ad student is expected to follow and is followed by Mohanty , Manocha or Brain Tree .

1> LakshmiKanth — complete

2> Stephen Robbins [ 9th edition . Not latest ]. Chapters to be read

  1. Decision Making             — Pg No ( 84-94) .
  2. Motivation                       —- ( 97 -112)
  3. Motivation from Comcept to Application — ( 118 -120)
  4. Emotional Intelligence —-[144]
  5. Group Decision Making Techniques –[165]
  6. Commmunication –[186-199]
  7. Leadership –[203-216]
  8. Foundations of Org Structure [257-273]

3> Nicholas Henry [ 10th Edition]

Chptr 2 ,3,4,5,6,8,9,10

4> Mohit Bhattacharya

  1. Minnowbrook II  , Public Choice Approach and Public Service —- (19-28)
  2. privitisation Movement –(39-41)
  3. Gender Issues in Bureaucracy –(89-90)
  4. Neo Human Relations and Tech (94-110)
  5. Models of Public Policy ( 125-140)
  6. NPM ( 387-404)
  7. Post Modernisation and Pub Ad–(449)

5> India Year Book

  1. Polity
  • Ministry and Dept
  • All India Services
  • CAG
  • Admin Reforms and public Greviance
  • Election Commison

2. Ministry of Defence

  • Defence Undertakings

3. Ministry Of Finance

  • Public Debt , Pension Reforms , Controller General of Accounts

4. Justice and Law

  • Lok Adalats and enforcement Agencies

5. Labour

  • Employee Provident Fund Scheme

6 . Welfare

  • National Commision for Women

For Prelims this is the exhaustive List . So if you are thorough with these then you are bound to clear PubAd in prelims . The stratergy for mains is a bit different . However the reading which you have put in the prelims is not going to be waste , the infos should be organised in a bit diff manner . So All the best .



  Prashant Jain wrote @

hi.. Myself prashant,the same confusion about ias vs mba vs software job bring me to your blog. Are you preparing for ias this yr. you seems to be working in adobe, is it possible to prepare for this exam parallely working in a demanding job.

  Pramod wrote @

hi..could you please guide me with the reading list/books for pubad mains?>..Thanks for the above post..

  Shiva wrote @

hello…i m corrently working in the software company as a developer….i have same same questions as prashant mentioned above….please guide me..

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