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Should one come to delhi for IAS prep ???

Well this is one of the BIG question in many of the minds . Should I leave my job for preperation ? Should I come to Delhi for prep ?

Q1> Should I leave my job for prep ??

There cannot be a objective reply for this question . It is subjective . But what I can contribute is contribute some stratergies which can help you decide .

1>Ge a list of reading materials .

2> Start reading Newspaper

3> Subscribe to a test series .

By subscribing to a test series ,and preparing for it , you can get to know if you can handle studying and working simultaneously .

If you are scoring pretty decent in test series , then there is no need for you to ditch your job !!

Q2 Should I come to Delhi ?

The answer for this depends on the answer of Q1 . If you are faring well , no pblm . If you are not … ThenYou need to question yourself “why are you not performing ?”

First of all What happens in Delhi ( synergy ) and What happens in Vajiram ?


Vajiram is good for Polity and currrent Affairs . Other subjects one can manage even without it . For Polity if you can comprehend DD Basu , and have a look at Vajirams Polity “class notes” . I would say you have completed the whole essence of attending Vajiram .

Synergy :

No need of coaching for PubAd . If you can go through Lakshmikanth , paying attention to the words in it that should help one to sail through easily . Pub Ad is jugalbandi of words .

For eg : Lets say Elements of Delgation :

1. Assignment of task .

2. Grant of Authority

3. Creation of Responsibility

The above statement carries the meaning

Responsibility is “Created ” not “Granted ”  .  Authority is “granted” not “created ” . Task is “Assigned” not anything else .

I hope one is getting the meaning which I am trying to convey . One has to pay minute attentions to the words used . Such a preparation can come only from self preperation .

But the main advantages of being in Delhi

1> AVAILABILITY of materials —- This is the BIG advantage

2> Availability of peers preparing ( A motivation dose ) .



  jagadeesh wrote @

I am drop out student for 9th standard, then I took open university PG. that is eligible or 10+2+degree is eligible for civil service.

  Sukrti wrote @

Hi, Sir plzz send me mail of G.S (Pre&mains) ,Sociology (pre &mains) of Vajiram notes.I shall be thankful to you.

  ash wrote @

want a study materialof ias in law

  ash wrote @

law ias notes

  layman wrote @

jesus fvkin christ, these assholes aspire for the ias? no wonder…..jeeezz, sends a chill down my spine….

  vivek wrote @

share strategy for pub admin mains

  rashmi wrote @

I dont hav background of sanskrit…bt intrstsd to take it as optional…hw i shld start my preparation for sanskrit optional??plz suggest me strategy…

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