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Whats this Israel – Plaestine conflict ?

Before I express my view , let me explain in brief the problem that actually exist between Israel and Palestine and Why these guys havent found a solution ?

The basic problem :

Scene 1

Say you are living in a house that was built by your ancestor , and one fine day some unknown guy comes and asks you to vacate your house . He claims an proves “see for last 1000 yrs your ancestors were living , but before that his ancestors were living” . What will you do ? Revolt ??

This is exactly what Israel has done . Long long ago Juadem was place of Jews . Romans occupied the land and called it Palestein , Arabs occupied the land and lived there for over a 1000 yrs until It was granted to British( in turn encouraged immigration of Jews) in 1917 .

As most of us in the above question revolt So did Arabs Revolt .

Scene 2

The guy is strong , He has big weapons and pushes you out of the door .

This what Israel did to the inhabitants of Palestine . Jews started immigrating to Israel ( Zionism) and by their influence on World politics succeded in getting the land divided among Arabs and Jews .

Some one comes to your house and claims half of the house !! Obviously Palestane revolted . And there was war in 1948 , 1967 .. In 1948 war Lakhs of Palestine were driven out of their houses .Even today they are living as refugees in neighbouring states .

Scene 3

How can you go out of your own house ? That s the house where you grew , where you got married and where you saw your children grow . Now some person , strong person pushes you out !! Wont you stand out and hide waiting to recapture your house ?

Thats what Palestine people are doing . They want their “homes” back . Lakhs of refugees even today carry the “Keys” of their houses though houses no longer exists . Thats one of the major demand of Palestine and major opposition of Israel , coz if the refuggees return back then Israel wont any longer be a Jewish State .

Palestine formed many militant organisation , and frequent clashes has been taking place .

Scene 4

Asking for neighbour’s help

This was what Palestine did , Asked help form its neighbours Egypt , Syria and Jordan . Israel has water shoratge . It s main source is Sea Galelli , The neighbours started diverting the river which flows into Israel . But Israel fought with its neighbours and occupied

1> Gaza Strip form Egypt

2> West Bank from Jordan and Syria

Scene 5

You are on street . The best you can do is throw some stones and complain it to passerby in the street

Thats what Palestine is doing , putting pressure on Israel from World . Israel now has given West Bank and gaza Strip for Palestine , but since Israels key points are attackable from gaza Strip and West Bank , Israel has given Palestien only internal autonomy .Israel still controls who enters and leave Palesteine , to protect itself .

It is like “Ya I occupied your house , But I feel pity for you , I have some place now which i snatched from neighbours , You cna put your hut there . But I will keep a strict control , on external interaction of your hut . You are the King within your hut ”

This is the attitude of Israel towards Palestien .

Who are Hamas?

Hamas are a group of militants who vow destruction of Israel . Palestien formed many militant groups , but some effort for peace was made under Yasser Arafat , president of PLA . Arafat died Abbas became the president . In 1996 elections Hamas lost and Fateh came to power . But later Hams drove fateh out of Gaza Strip .

As we saw before Palestaine was given 2 huts , one in Gaza Strip and another in West Bank . One hut is controlled by Hamas and another by Abbas (soft towards Israel).

So now I guess one can easily understand the stand of tow parties in the conflict .

Palestien says ” Israel exist but it is not a jewish state . Refugees has to be accomidated and Jerusalem is right of palestines”

Israel says ” I am the BOSS ” .

Since the resolution of conflict here means destruction of one party a compromise or a integration approach cannot hold . So “The might wins ” as “Domination is the only way out ” !


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great ananalogy

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