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2008 Mains Marks analysis ( UPSC Civils)

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  satish jadhav wrote @

I need analysis of upsc civil services mains exam result 2008

  hellotj wrote @

Hey the mains result is not yet out man … So how can you get a analysis

  abhishek wrote @

i want a thorough marks analysis

  Haseeb Ahmad wrote @

I need to have marks obtained and optionals taken by the 791 selected candidates.

  gaurav wrote @

hi friends , dont u feel that ” poly communalism” coined by Riggs to describe parochial society ?

the state level directorate is sometimes headed by a generalist too.

It is USA which do not have a central civil service commission

the terms of office of election comm. is same ( 6 yrs or 65 yrs old) as CAG
F A Roethlisberger & dickson with alton mayo used social system approach in admin studies.

  Ravindra Kumar Thakur wrote @

I need to have marks obtained in Enginnering Service Examination 2008 of all 133 students selected in Civil Enginnering group

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