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Public Administration UPSC Prelims 2009 Key ( Solution)

Hi All i know every one is scouting places fo rthe key ..

You can find the key here

But there are some mistakes in the key . Here are 17 Questions which I guess the answeres given by them is wrong .
These Questions are

14 ) NPA and MCA — And japanes Elitist ?? I thought French were elitist as opposed to Japanese

24) Judicial Control — Adjudication ?? I thought only 2,3,4

37 ) Accounts not maintained by CAG ??

46 ) Chris Agrysis on positive hindrance??

55 ) Fayol on decentralisation .. I believed all 3 correct

57) Supervisory control ?

71) Directorate ..
Always a specialist ???

77) SFC 1 is wrong ?? I thougt both

A & R
79) a 80 ) b

86) Bernard on org decisions I though 1 , 3 , 4 ( a)

90) Please note o/p of a group .. Squeler is not for o/p of a group

91) Behavioural i thought 1 n 3

93) Social system — I thought Roethsberger ??

94) Systems Theory — I thought d ( equilbrium — I thought both +ve n -ve entropy n systems open n close )

99) ??

110) ferel heady i thought b ??( Bureaucracy has func autonomy)

117) Central Civils service commison ?? i thought France

Kindly do put ur views on these .

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  vikas wrote @

hello friend,

what is the tentative cut off for this year pub ad prel paper.
please let me know.


  Raja wrote @

i think it will be 60(gs) 80(pub ad) net scores

  hellotj wrote @

It will be cummulative Worst case 260 ultra safe

  vijay wrote @

i agree with you that there are some mistakes in this key
and most of them are those which you have mentioned here

  Nitesh wrote @

I think most of the keys are correct except 4-5..

24) Judicial Control — Adjudication ?? even i thought only 2,3,4…Adjudication gives very vague and broad control but can’t ruled out may be..

37 ) Accounts not maintained by CAG ….Only Audited by CAG but does CAG maintain railway and defence accounts?

55 ) Fayol on decentralisation ….i think Fayol didn’t supprt Policy decisions to be taken by lower layers …so not all 3 correct

77) SFC 1 is wrong …they dont receive grants from centre.

A & R
79) a 80 ) a

90) all 3 are correct including squealer…Ref Prasad and prasad and laxmikant [elton mayo]

91) Behavioural thought based on hawthorne studies also….infact hawthorne studies gave rise to behavioral

93) Social system …earliest is M P Follet

  hellotj wrote @


24 ) No idea
37) I thought Defence and Railways sepearely mainted
Fayol on decentralisation said
“anything that increases the importance of subordinates is decentralisation”

And regarding “policy” …
Now if we consider Management ..Fayol says
“Irrespective of whether clerk or chief exec all perform management” ( hence This activity is said to be integrated )But However he agrees that this function is more concentrated at top ..( Refer P&P)

80) a ??
Co-or is both +ve and -ve ( Assertion)
Reason should have both +ve n -ve aspect but here only -ve aspect given

90) Though Mayo gave 4 norms …
among these 4 norms only 2 norms apply to o/p .. all 4 norms affect efficeny .

91) hawthrone effect is about Human Relations not Behaviour .
Behaviour is abt scinetifc methodology of study as opposed to HRT . Yeah it had an effect ..classical theory also gave rise to HRT if u can argue in that manner ..

  Gopi wrote @

What about this question/

54. According to C Barnard, the strength of administrative authority lies in the zone of

Answer is given as acceptance

I thought the answer is Indifference.

What do u think?

  Raja wrote @

Yes, the answer should be “Zone of Indiffrence”.

“Zone of acceptance” was given by Simon

  Nitesh wrote @

@T J
37) even i went for Defence and Railways …but other answer also seems

80) a
positive aspect is taken for granted…only -ve justification should suffice both +ve and -ve… even b can also be the answer…

91) somewhere in laxmikant i read ..hawthorne studies paved the way for behaviouralists…so behavioural studies based on hawthorne can’t be ruled out

  kamal nagar wrote @

show all quest

  hkms wrote @

For general studies CSP Anwer keys visit here

  viki wrote @

for public administration 75 and 55 in GS is safe for general category

that s total of 242.5/450 s safest.

  lalit wrote @

no friends ….i have confirmed from almost all top coaching institutes

and they say pub ad paper was too easy and GS was lolipop so cutoff will be GS-65…and Pub Ad…85

  ram wrote @

290 will be safe for pub ad combination….since there were no questions on management so that made the paper the easy ….so the hindi belt ppl smashed the paper….so cutoff in pub ad paper might touch 90 also ……polity like questions dominated the entire paper so cutoff will definitely be around 90

  ram wrote @

all those who r getting lower total than 290 with pubad combination….. will be in danger zone….

  suchi wrote @

friends….brain tree ppl say that cutoff for pub ad will be around 90….confirmed cos the paper was the easiest till date of all the UPSC papers….. my score is 101 (net score )

  viki wrote @

cut off which i mentioned s safest 70 in optionals and 50 in gs[:)]

  amit wrote @

my net score in pub ad -75 and gs-55 what are my chances

  Gopi wrote @

Brain tree believes that a score of 230 should be good enough but u never know!

  pradyumn pradhan wrote @

pub adm this year may cross the cutoff 90&G.s in d tune of 65 to be more secure

  sanchita garg wrote @

HI ! Amit u r certainly in danger zone….yes but if u belong to ST category only then u can pass….else God save u ….i pray

  parul singh wrote @

friends….what is this i am hearing…ppl r saying thaT Pub ad paper was the easiest of all optionals….all the coaching institutes believe this….and they say cut off will b …………….. 87 for pub ad and 57 for GS…..

  Richa tripathi wrote @

yar…. even vajiram ppl say pub ad was too easy…..but net score is only 85……what r my chances?????????

yaar koi to batao plzzzzzzzzzzz???????

  viki wrote @

all institutes are saying paper s easy but still they are saying the cut off of 242.5 ..

if u crosses 242.5 then you are in safe zone…

so dont worry and start preparing for mains

  kapil wrote @

i am getting 80 in public ad and 55 in g.s what are my chances iam a PH ????????

  sachin wrote @

maths cutoff (im getting 45 in gs, no chance i guess?)

  kamal wrote @

hey guys plz help finding answer key for psychology…………………..hope i get sum reply soon…….

  Jyoti wrote @

Hey guys……pls tell me howz career plus coaching? noida center????

  Sam wrote @

Answer of Question 90 is given wrong.
It should be just Rate-busters and Chislers as Elton Mayo only gave to rate affecting terms. The term Squealor was meant to describe those to give information to the supervisor about the group.. Hence, it does not take about rate of output.

Answer 71 should also be b) and not c) because Directorates are usually manned by specialist, but there are examples when generalists have also headed State Directorates. The word “Always” is important when we consider the option.

I overall cut off score must be 250+ and GS cutoff should be go upto 70+

  Vinay wrote @

My score – Sociology – 147 and GS- 45.

Should i prepare for 2009 mains or 2010 prelims?

  viki wrote @

to sam

all are true..

as per elton mayo
one shud not be chiseler
one shud not be rate burster
and one shud not be squealer

all these things affects organisational o/p. ]

so all r true

  viki wrote @


start preparing for mains dude

  anil kumar wrote @

decentralisation: only 2 and 3 are correct.
see fadia and fadia pub ad. analysis of kootz of fayol. (chaptor: Decentralisation) word by word. first option not there 2 and 3 are correct………..

  pankaj wrote @

though all the coaching institutes are saying was the easiest till date, it is noteworthy that all the assertion andn reasons were framed for the first time, so don;t worry.

  arun singh wrote @

i am also getting 55 in gs and 82 in pub ad what r my chances guys plz let me know

  anita wrote @

pub adm paper was easy…but there is a difference in doing a question and ”correctly” doing a question….people make tall claims…many questions were wrong….answers provided by many institutes r wrong… the options were tricky…not that much easy as we r thinking…there is negative marking…..around 80 would be safe

  arun singh wrote @

what abt gs cut off ? is it seperately calculated or combined with optionals?

  ravi wrote @

please help me find the key answers for gs and history

  anita wrote @

nothing can be said abt gs….all r almost alike in gs…. selection is totally on the basis of optional….if u r strong in ur optional…no body can stop u

  vk wrote @

all those who think got less then the cut off, dont loose your heart and start preparing for mains. the cutoff could be low too, since

->there are more number of seats than last year there for cutoff could be low so that more number can be tested for mains

->paper was easy to take more people in , and it doesnt mean people will do well.. there are lot of scenarios where when paper was easy still silly mistakes are made..

->upsc tests patience of students, all those who get disappointed and dont prepare for mains may lose out.. without worrying for results just prepare for mains..

->cutoff is one way of shortlisting candidates, but upsc may have there own ways of selecting people, based on region eg. Northeast may have low cutoff..

(all this is my analysis only.. point I want to put forward is don’t get disheartened and start studying for mains)

all this could be wrong but definitely gives some hope which one should never loose.

my marks Pub ad 58(net) and gs 66 (net) hope will get thru..

  anita wrote @

pub adm paper was not that much easy as people r saying… looks easy to other pple,coaching institutes etc., coz…they see it in a stressless condition…without any time boundation… was difficult for students who appeared into it as they had to do it within time limit..that too with accuracy….simple looking questions may be wrong as some optionals were too similar…..

  Sanmeet kaur wrote @

Anita i agree with u …but still even sriram coaching believes that cutoff will b Pub ad – 85 and GS-65……. so Anita u may get through if u have a high score in GS…

My scores are ….89 in pub ad and 87 in GS….so that is 310…i think i am definitely in…cos 290 will be cutoff (minimum)….

what do u say Anita

  Sanmeet kaur wrote @

Anita i agree with u …but still even sriram coaching believes that cutoff will b Pub ad – 85 and GS-65……. so Anita u may get through if u have a high score in GS…

My scores are ….89 in pub ad and 87 in GS….so that is 310…i think i am definitely in…cos 290 will be cutoff (minimum)….

what do u say Anita???

  viki wrote @

i agree with you..

it is easy to say paper was easy . but it was not that much easy.

again i m repeating 242.5 is safest

  pooja wrote @

pub adm 66 n gs 65 …..wat r my chances?plz tell????????

  Vinay wrote @

Hi All,

Expected score – Sociology – 147 and GS- 45.

Should i prepare for 2009 mains or 2010 prelims?

  anita wrote @

@Sanmeet Kaur…..u r saying ur scores r 89 in pub adm and 87 in gs….and total is 310…….i m doubting……..bcoz… is it possible…that u have not made a single mistake….deduct ur negative marks from pub adm and gs….and then count the total…….btw all the best

  anita wrote @

@Sanmeet Kaur…and others…I want to tell all the people that 290 was never ever the cut off…no body knows the exact cut-off of the previous years….earlier when there was positive marking…then even 60 in gs was considered a good score….

  Sanmeet Kaur wrote @

@ Anita ….in which world u….??? my dear these r my net scores…i.e after deducting the wrong answers…..

No 60 was never a good score…and yes i have made mistakes cos i attempted 115 in pub ad and 137 in GS….

it seems Anita u r new to the system…dont worry dear u will learn gradually….

UPSC is ruthless….dont be in a veil of lesser scores…. UPSC throws candidates like dead moths and flies…..

bye TC….

  k2411 wrote @

is there any relaxation of marks for ph ?

  anita wrote @

my dear sanmeet kaur…..i m saying this coz my frnz did it …and they r already selected …….

  anita wrote @

Dear Sanmeet Kaur…u said u attempted 115 in pub adm out of which 89 r correct…..means u will get 213.92 in pub adm… gs u attemped 137 in gs and got 87 r correct….means u will get 70.5 in gs….and the total is 284.42……and u r saying u will get 310…how is it possible?…..and u r also saying….cut off will be 290….it means u too r out…….but still i wish u all the best …i dont want any clashes with u….i want u to get selected and serve the nation……my wishes r always with u……..

  ravi wrote @

frens this is my first attempt can u please help me in finding key answers for history or a blog ????????

  viki wrote @

hey sameet i belong to general and last prelimns i jus got 70 in PA and 50 Gs and cleared.

i am sure this time cut offf may retain or may go up by 25 ..

that is around 240s is safest.

all pub admn optioners who got more than 240 can go ahead for mains.

so it does not need 300s etc etc[;)]

  viki wrote @

cool your mark is good and you go ahead for mains preparation[;)]

  Prsoon wrote @

plz suggest for sociology cut off.

  anita wrote @

hi viki…what is ur mail id?

  raju wrote @

hi frnds any idea about sociology cut off marks?

  srikanth wrote @

im getting 55 in pubad and 48 in general studies…i belong to ST category…is thr any chance? plz help…shud i try for next yr or start preparing for mains?

  Jay wrote @

M gettin 62 in history n 81 in gs..combined score 236..will it work?pls do reply..bye

  vk wrote @

@anitha who has a friend who cleared prelim with 60 in pub ad and @viki who already cleared once..

could you please tell me what are my prospects..

58 in PA and 65 in GS ..

please do tell me..

  vk wrote @

i am general category only, so no reservations 😦

  Jay wrote @

Hey guys..its frustratin..what r my chances wit 62 in history n 81 in gs..eagerly waitin 4 da r’plys..bye

  shankar wrote @

regarding sociology 70-75 is good score.
i know ppl cleared last time 65 in sociology 60 in GS that is 220.
so net score 220+ is safe side in socio

  Jiban wrote @

I have scored 164 in sociology and around 50 in gs, what is my chances of passing the prilims I am belong to OBC
Pleas reply-thanks

  shankar wrote @

for OBC category not much relaxation .so the score is coming around 214 there are chances may be u r in edge..

  Amit wrote @

friends i belong to general category….this is my first attempt…and my scores are 70 in pub ad and 52 in GS….what r my chances???????

plzz tell i shall b thankful…am i safe or in danger zone??????

  saurabh gautam wrote @

prelims psychology solutions are there at

  Kishor wrote @

Hello,my total score is 224,i.e. 74 gs and 150 in history.i m an obc candidate,shud i study for mains..thank you

  shankar wrote @

@Amith & @Kishore

Anything above 220 is good score,dont worry prepare for mains.

  pankaj kumar wrote @

Although it gives an impression that the public administration paper was the easiest till date, it is noteworthy that no coaching institute till now has been able to come up with fully correct answers. there are at least 7-8 discrepancies. add to this the fact that most of the options in public administration are always confusing. what more can be said in this regard than the logic behind assertion and reason. earlier, they could be correctly solved in varying degrees but just show me a single student who can say that he/she has correctly solved all of them. so no need to worry about the cut offs . more over, this year, there has been a substantial increase in number of seats, so almost all the optional paper question were purposefully kept only a bit easier as compared with previous years. . but this rationale holds little logic in public ad paper as options are always confusing. just start preparing for the mains. cut off in pub ad never crossed 65 since -ve marks were introduced (strictly my personal understanding)

  Anand wrote @

Hi All,

I am getting 59 correct in political science and 67 in GS after accounting for the negative marking… gud are my chances???also ne1 here with pol sc n geo as optionals?

  simranjeet singh wrote @

anand….ur score is 214….. very easily u will pass…cutoff will b around 190 for general category…. cheers!!!!

  k2411 wrote @


  Jiban wrote @


Are you sure 214 is enough mark to pass prlims, because mine also the same mark.

Please reply.


  Anand wrote @

@simranjeet…wht r ur optionals buddy?

  Amit Ranjan wrote @

My score PAD-62 GS-72 can any one tell me what are my chances.

  kiran.madhala wrote @

acc to above mentioned website by gautam, i checked the psycho key.iam getting 78 in psycho &54in the key given by that website correct?if yes than what are my probabilities.

  Anand wrote @

@amit and kiran-i think u both r safe.

  Yahoo wrote @

I m gettin 57 in history and 75 in gs..what r my chances for mains..i m an obc.

  aa wrote @

Dear all
What is expexted for Geography?

  aa wrote @

Dear all
What will be the cut off for geography?

  Mac wrote @

Cut off for geography will be 70+,pub ad 75+,pol sci 65+,hist 65+ with gs 65+.

  aa wrote @

Thanks Mac.Any idea of cut off with GS??

  AP wrote @

What will turn to be the overall cut off in percentage?Any idea,anybody?

  Mac wrote @

Aa,total score of 220+ for gen cat will work as per last years trend..for obc its gonna be 210+

  APAP wrote @

are these cut offs that we are coming up, for Delhi region only?What about other regions?

  ASD wrote @

WhAny idea, anybody about the last year cut offs for Geograohy with GS?

  ASDMN wrote @

With negative marking ,what can be expected to be safe score in Geography this time?

  pankaj wrote @

can any body tell me answers to these questions?solutions vary in these questions and are not matching. (public administration)

Which of the following is/are correct in
A) respect of ‘Zero Hour’ discussion?
1. It is not directed against individual
2. It covers questions raised over matters
of public importance

B)Which of the following statements is/are
correct of the writ of prohibition?
1. It is an order issued by a higher court
commanding a lower court to cease
from proceeding in some matters not
within its jurisdiction.
2. It can be claimed by an aggrieved party
as a matter of right

C)Consider the following statements Human
relations theory
1. views organization as a psychological
and social system
2. takes the social view of man
3. emphasizes the physiological and
mechanical aspects of organization
4. assumes that people are homogeneous

D)To which of the following notions of the
man in an organizational setup does the
concept of bounded rationality relate more
1. Economic
2. Optimizing
3. Administrative
4. Satisficing
Select the correct answer using the code

E)Which among the following countries does
not have a Central Civil Service
Commission charged with the
responsibility for recruitment to the higher
civil service?
a. Canada
b. Great Britain
c. USA
d. France

F)Which one of the following is not
identified by Nicholas Henry as a factor
for organizational change?
a. Process of adaptation
b. Task environment
c. Technology of organization
d. Organization behaviour

G)The ‘Collegial’ type of executive can be
found in which one of the following
a. Japan
b. France
c. Switzerland
d. Great Britain

Please tell me if any body knows these. (Public Administration)

  moving_destiny wrote @

Why are you worried about the cut off? There is no reason to be worried (unless this was your final attempt!!)

Just go on preparing for the main exam even if you scored low because worrying about the cut off is not going to change anything! And prelim preparation for 2010 can start “earliest” by dec 2009 so there are still many months left.

Remember that this exam is all about self discipline and having a positive attitude. If these qualities are not present then even scoring 350+ will not help you in clearing all the 3 stages of the exam.

So, GOOD LUCK! Cheer Up and Study Hard 🙂

  Sonali wrote @

What is the cut off for upsc pre?i m getting 56 in hist and 73 in gs..this my last attempt,shud i hope for the mains?

  anuj wrote @

hi, can anyone tell me about the correct solution of pub ad.
pls tell me that either d cut off is determined from d combination of two
subjects or sapreatly both.;pls pls pls raply thanx

  Gaurav wrote @

Hi to all, though pub ad paper was easy still the cut off would be around 65net in both opt. And gs as direator of a well known pub ad institute told me

  Gaurav wrote @

Moreover scaling could play a vital role as it did in ras prelims this time . I myself got almost 70 additional marks in pub ad bcoz of scaling. Bt in case of upsc mathods and procedures are ultra hidden so it is better to start firmly for mains.

  vijay sundeep wrote @

last year i got 202 in prelims and i cleared prelims..that time people were saying 220 plus…i don’t think cut off for pub ad is 80 odd or 90 odd..even though some people may get marks as high as 80 or 90..their numbers are are quite lesss…so the rest of them lie between 200 and 230…this is my feeling…if your heart says u did well ..u will clear…don’t waste time on these cut-off..did any organisation made a survey or what…bull shit..leave that dirty work to upsc and start preparing…b’coz after u get through prelims ..the time is not sufficient to work on mains…b’caz everyday o keep on changing strategies and days will disappear in no matter of time…anyway my humble request to people who are getting high marks is please don’t damage our morale by putting ur scores..try to encourage others…let them prepare…and finally objectivity is differenr from subjectivity eventhough u get less marks and clear prelims don’t feel like u are poor in the subject…i myself is an example ,coz i got 341 on mains in pub ad…
anyway my score this year is 75 and 46 in gs…
better than last year…

  Piyush wrote @

You are right Vijay…..last year the cut-off was not more than 190 that was the lowest I had seen. This year it may go up a bit…but no way the cut off can above 220. However, as said above, above 242 is safe.

  Bhupendra wrote @

thanks vijay sundeep. after reading ur opinion about this year cut

cut off i feel really good b caz i was worrying after reading some comments mentioned above. my score this year is 78 in pub ad n

58 in GS so now i can focuss on my mains preparation without entangling myself in pre cut off.

  bhuvnesh wrote @

hi could any body please tell me what will be cut off in medical sciences
i have secured 212 in medical AND 53 IN GS IS there any chance of getting through

  arivazhagan wrote @


can u please tell how to prepare for pub ad prelims…thanks

  Srinivasa.E wrote @

I attempted 115 questions in pub ad. I got 80 questions correct as per braintree key answers. I attempted 105 questions in G.S and got 61 questions correct as per Shankar’s key answers.

Plz inform me whether I am in the safe zone or danger zone

  Benjamin wrote @

well first and foremost all those guys/girls who have blasted the prelims 09 by securing 300+ & so on heartly congratulations to u all….but please dont make it a standard for getting through as we few who are not as BRILLIANT as u guys never even get close.
now as far as i am concerned this is my third attempt wrote mains 1st attempt sat for interview in my 2nd that was last year my roll no-005824.
And this is as i said my 3rd attempt…and i scored 227 with socio as my optional …way better than wat i did last yr, could manage only 208 ….and STLL MADE IT….now for giys with pub ad…come on give me a freakin time out…@ Sanmeet kaur…if u have scored 300+ good for u but OTHERS HAVE’NT…so just dont make it stamped statement ….and even without neg marking it never went above the range of 250-270.

i have friends who have made it with 220+ last time….i dont knoe how easy or tough it was but anyone who is in the range of 220-240…get on with ur mains preparation.
and ya there is no cut off for G.S …there is only overall cut off and that i know of for sure….as a friend of myne scored 32 yes 32 in his G.S last time…but he blasted his optional{law} got 93 …AND MADE IT!… now stop pounding ur heads all u guys and get on with it!

  ASD wrote @

Dear Benjamin
This is a very different statement you have provided.Thanks.
What will happen this year?//A wait watch game.

  ASD wrote @

Dear Benjamin
Can you throw some light on the mains and interview wrt your experience?

  Benjamin wrote @

well guys its not a watch game if u have done well enough u are through as simple as that….only 2-3% of the cream get or even touch the overall score of 300 or near about…rest are just like u and me…we land in that 200-240 region…and thats how things work…and guys dont believe in wat ppl say coz i have been through it a lot in my days as well some saying i scored 90+ and some saying 95+…and blah blah…let them blabber…listen and just forget.
@ASD …my mains score want as good as i had expected specially socio 2nd paper and pub ad 2nd as well came as a shoker….i managed only 128 in my pub ad 2nd….and 137 in my socio 2nd….which goes without saying wasnt the score i was expecting… managed 940…in my written.
as far as my interview goes i got balaguruswamy’s board…it went great ,atleast i thought so…they grilled me on everything…management…global financial crisis….thinkers…north-east… the end he said…we have asked you so many questions,do u have any for us….and i simply said no sir….he again insisted on asking one…but i politely said cant think of anything sir…i am blank rite now.
managed 141 in my interview….now i think if i had asked that question who knows it might have been a different story all-together.

  Rohit wrote @

hi! Benjamin it was a very informative post by you,so thanks a lot for clearing so many doubts that aspirants such as me have…i agree with you that there is a overall cutoff different for different subjects…and true to your statement has been agrred upon by my seniors out here in rajinder nagar.
as for ur interview i hope u will nail it this time for sure.
thanks again….ROHIT.

  Rohit wrote @

hi! Benjamin it was a very informative post by you,so thanks a lot for clearing so many doubts that aspirants such as me have…i agree with you that there is a overall cutoff different for different subjects…and true to your statement has been agreed upon by my seniors out here in rajinder nagar.
as for ur interview i hope u will nail it this time for sure and would definately be an IAS.
thanks again….ROHIT.

  tarun verma wrote @


i want g.s. and public admistration notes.. please send me..

  Benjamin wrote @

@ Rohit…thanks a lot for ur encouraging text….i hope as u do that this will be the last and final go…rest it up to the allmighty…thanks again.

  urban_legend wrote @

can anyone tell me precisely the minimum cut off for SC/ST in prelims 2009?pls leave a reply

  ASD wrote @

Dear Benjamin
Thanks for the reply.

  arivazhagan wrote @

2.2.1989 this my d o this ok to write my prelims in

2010….please reply….thanks alot

  Rohit wrote @

yes it would be fine for u to write prelims 2010 as u will be 21 when u sit for the exam.

  guru wrote @

hai benjmin,i got 240 total after negative.with psycho optional. gs is 67.any chance to clear prelims?

  guru wrote @

plz anybody tell with 240 total is sufficient to clear prelims?optional is 67

  benjamin wrote @

@ Guru….thats more than what u need bro….start preparing for mains….all the best

  guru wrote @

@benjmin,thanks bro.

  Vidya wrote @

My total score is around 209..69 in gs and 56 in history..any chance to get thru?i m worried..

  Rohit wrote @

hope for the best…and prepare for mains…as it would come hany if u do get through and god forbid even if u dont.

  iqbal wrote @


i am sure of about 63-66 in geography and 78 in GS,what are the chances frns.

  baba wrote @

shit head i want the complete paper with answers

  Benjamin wrote @

@ iqbal…dont waste time…start preparing for mains…thats a good enough score .

  Vidya wrote @

Hi,benjamin..what r my chances?gettin 209 marks..69 gs n 56 in hist..m obc..thanx dear

  Benjamin wrote @

well Vidya your chances are bright…but let me clear one thing i am not from a history background so i dont know what was the paper like….i guess any score above 220 in any subject is a safe bet…but as u said u are from a reserved category(but there is not much difference when it comes to prelims as far as marks are concerned as within one mark 100’s of students lag behind the cut off).
so just start preparing and dont waste time…..hopefully u will make it.

  Vidya wrote @

Hi benjamin,thanx for reply..last year i cleard with total score of 214 marks..this year history paper was bit tough for me..almost 20 marks less than last year.anyway i hv already started mains preap..hope i wl get thru..thanx

  ruchi wrote @


I took pol sci. My total is 180+ (pol sci + gs)….any hope in general cat? I know i will know in 2 weeks…but want a general idea (also will help taking decision on job front)…very very very nervous…please let me know!

thank you!

  Benjamin wrote @

Ruchi thats a good score considering pol sci is ur opt…and u should keep ur hopes high that goes for @Vidya as well…as the rumours are floating that this year too over 10,000 will appear for mains as the seats have increased….and as they say there is no smoke without fire …so i guess this will come out to be true as it happened last year.
so the outcome of seats being increased would be , that the cut off will come down to accomodate the required no. of candidates….so stop pondering about the result and start preparing.
All the best!

  Anant wrote @

what are the cut-off for psychology? I heard that they are somewhat higher, could anybody tell the books they referred for the preliminary exam?

  guru wrote @

my score was 245{67+178} with psychology.but i didnt cleared it.

  Vidya wrote @ score was 209(69 gs and 140 in hist)..i couldnt make thru..m shattered..what is cut off

  ASDMN wrote @

My score was at least 250 (geo); didnt clear.cant make out what happened going by the past trends.any ide of cut off any body???

  Amit wrote @

@ASDMN….what are u talking about pal….i got through with 232 geography….general merit….i dont think u evaluated your marks correctly….coz with that score u are bound to clear.

  prem wrote @

i got through with 221 history….i guess u missed by a whisker….dont loose hope and study hard for next yr…all the best.

  deep wrote @

I could not qualify with 225 marks in Geo. ( General category )
I guess the cutoff went 230 marks ( pretty high than last years )….

It seems India shining ….
But all those undergoing same shattering experience……

Lets give it another try..
An IAS demands patience and consistency…. SO lets prove so.

For all aspirants appearing for mains….. go rock it and enjoy……

We are coming next year …. 🙂

Jai Hind….

  m.o.m.o.raejsh wrote @

please send me the key to public administration 2009 pre key

  Jiban wrote @

Hey guys, I have completed 4th attempt. but couldn’t clear till now.

in 2010 my age will be 32 years(I am under OBC Catagory). do i have chances to make 1 more try? Please post a clear reply for me, because its my question of life!! Please reply!!!!!!!!!!!


  tabs wrote @

what was the damn cut -off of geography this year?!its sky rocketed! last year one of my friends crossed with just 195 marks and this year im hearing 225+ reading the posts above it appears true though contacting coaching institutes they r telling 210 was fine for general candidates with geography.. whats the matter ?upsc playing games?

by the way if anyone knows the probable cut-off [ total, ie polsc+GS] this time around.. thanks. best of luck.

  tabs wrote @

what was the cut-off for [ political sc.+GS ] this time ? thanks.

  Vidya wrote @

Hi benzamin..dnt u think the cut off this year is very high compared to last year..

  Benjamin wrote @

ya the cut did go very high this time for socio and pub ad…other subjects i dont know much about….i guess 240 or some where near that was the probable cut off in socio for general merit .

  anonymous wrote @

i could not clear the prelims from pub ad even though i scored 230 marks. but questions were easy this time and 245 could easily be scored if one was sincere enough. next time, certainly i hope to crack it. patience , hard work and a determined approach with free mind is the key to success.

  Benjamin wrote @

well who so ever u are …u missed by 2 marks yes 2!….a fren of myne cleared it with 232 in pub ad general merit… i said before out here in prelims within one mark 100’s and 100’s of aspirants lag behind and then have to start again from the scratch.
so the best deal is that whatever u hear on the blogs and forums about the probabale cutoff make sure u get 20 marks higher than that…if its 200 be certain that it is what most people have scored and u need 220…same with 220 or even 240…depending on the paper that yr and scaling for different subjects.
so no matter what category u are from…..general merit,OBC,SC,ST and havent got through….dont loose hope…..just slog ur butt off… like an ass….u have 5 months at ur disposal to finish off ur 2nd paper and gs (mains)….and from jan start with ur prelims…and nail it & nail it hard.
hark and smart work pays!….best of luck.

  Jiban wrote @

Can anyone reply? my DOB is 2nd sept.1977-I have completed four attempt, can I make a last attempt do I have that chance I am belongs to OBC.


  Benjamin wrote @

@ Jiban…age relaxed for OBC is 3 yrs…so that makes it 33….and u will be 33 in 2010….so yes u can write the exam read the following.

(ii) Age Limits :

(a) A candidate must have attained the age of 21 years and must not have attained the age of 30 years on 1st August, 2009, i.e. he must have been born not earlier than 2nd August, 1979 and not later than 1st August, 1988.

(b) The upper age limit prescribed above will be relaxable:

(i) upto a maximum of five years if a candidate belongs to a Scheduled Caste or a Scheduled Tribe.

(ii) upto a maximum of three years in the case of candidates belonging to Other Backward Classes who are eligible to avail of reservation applicable to such candidates.

(iii) upto a maximum of five years if a candidate had ordinarily been domiciled in the State of Jammu & Kashmir during the period from the 1st January, 1980 to the 31st day of December, 1989.

(iv) upto a maximum of three years in the case of Defence Services personnel disabled in operations during hostilities with any foreign country or in a disturbed area and released as a consequence thereof:

(v) upto a maximum of five years in the case of ex-servicemen including Commissioned Officers and ECOs/SSCOs who have rendered at least five years Military Service as on 1st August, 2009 and have been released (i) on completion of assignment (including those whose assignment is due to be completed within one year from 1st August, 2009) otherwise than by way of dismissal or discharge on account of misconduct or inefficiency, or (ii) on account of physical disability attributable to Military Service, or (iii) on invalidment.

(vi) upto a maximum of five years in the case of ECOs/SSCOs who have completed an initial period of assignment of five years Military Service as on 1st August, 2009 and whose assignment has been extended beyond five years and in whose case the Ministry of Defence issues a certificate that they can apply for civil employment and that they will be released on three month’s notice on selection from the date of receipt of offer of appointment.

(vii) upto a maximum of 10 years in the case of blind, deaf-mute and Orthopaedically handicapped persons

  Jiban wrote @

Thanks benjamin,

  Anant wrote @

Thanks for the encouragement Benjamin, we sure need it.

  Deep wrote @


I need an advise.
I have Geo ( 1st ) and Psycho ( 2nd) optionals.
I could not qualify this time with Geo this time ( border case )

I have two attempts left.
I aspire to complete my both optionals and traditional GS for mains preparation along with revision once. ( This may take around six months from now ) till around mid feburary…

Should I not appear in 2010 and appear in 2011 ??

What are the negativities in this decision ?

Would this be a negative impact in UPSC interview ?

As per my motivation , I would appear in State PCS to keep myself updated and plan to appear in UPSC Prelims 2011. Also, presently I am working in S/W firm.

Could you please throw some light from your valued experience.


  Benjamin wrote @

@ Deep first and foremost brother we all are sailing in the same boat…few are ahead few at the back ,but sure are in the same boat…so dont address any one as sir.

now as far as ur query is concerned chalk out a plan that works the best for u…every one has a different way of preparing and so more the people u ask more the suggestions….what matters is your way of preparing and percieving , so think it over analyse what u are good at and how much time and effort u need to put in to finish off 2 optionals and G.S (mains).

now coming on to the negatives of such decision ….again varied viewpoints…but the only one i see is the age factor …if that is not the case then sure u can give it a rest and go all guns blazing in 2011….and u urself said state PSC exam u would be giving…so its good

in interview all these things dont matter if u have given a break or not…they have ur bio data its filled by u when u appear for mains( mains form)….and in it u have to fill how many attempts u have given and till what stage u reached…as in mains or interview….thats it nothing else.

so analyse ur strengths and work accordingly round them….coz in this competetive exam u cant hover round ur weaknesses and try to make them better…instead if u are good in something make it even better and being average with ur weaknesses will do… UPSC REQUIRES AVERAGE, SMART HARD WORKING INTELLIGENCE NOT BRAINOS.

hope this helps.

  Deep wrote @

Thank you very much Benjamin..
You every word is true and unbiased.

This will help in my future efforts.

I hope good luck for you and all aspirants.

Jai Hind….

  SUSHIL wrote @


  Manish wrote @

@SUSHIL what are u talking about …i got through with 248 in socio and i too belong to SC category.Well i dont think u evaluated your marks correctly b’coz if u cant get through with 260-270 that too with reserved category then no body can.

  ARUNKUMAR wrote @

Hi ppl, i need key answer of PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION-2009 PRELIMS, and if any one have last 3 yrs Pub Add key answers pls mail them to my e mail ID-

  sandeep wrote @

hello everybody.will anyone plzzzzzzzz tell me what is the cut off pub adm this year for obc.i got 215 and could not qulified.

  Anand wrote @

Pub Adm cut-off was around 230-240 for GM. All those who tell they got 250 + and all are either lying or have not corrected their scripts properly.

  parkash wrote @

thanks u all guys for such lovely information

  sushil wrote @

@Manish..thanks for the information and you the scaling which is followed for SC/ST students…its according to subjects for open..but you know many SC s opt for sociology,PA,History etc obvious questionh is how scaling is being followed for SC.ST?

  Rakesh wrote @

i got 85-90 marks in psycology and 60 marks in GS. can anyone please tell me whether i can clear prelims or not.

  Manish wrote @

@Rakesh…super score buddy get on with your mains preparation…all the best!

  medini wrote @

hi i got 63 -65 in pub adm n 45 in gs… i belong to sc.. is there any chance this year…

  abhilash wrote @

very informative post indeed.. being enrolled in,I was looking for such articles online to assist me.. and your post helped me a lot 🙂

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