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How can I participate with NAMMA

  1. Buy your monthly ration from NAMMA Retail
  2. Buy your monthly medicine from NAMMA Medicals.
  3. Visit NAMMA clinic . The cheapest and the best quality service . At cost of Rs 1500 per annum . You can have unlimited consultation to doctor
  4. If you dream of IAS , join NAMMA IAS . The most coherent and most reliable institution in Bangalore . If you cannot pay by Money PAY BY TIME .( 3hrs /day work for the institute).
  5. Buy insurances from NAMMA Insurance .
  6. Drop in a “Hi” mail to . Your encouragement is more than anything for the Namma Team .

Visit NAMMA Philosophy for more details


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  geetha wrote @

i too need notes to prepare for IAS.

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