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How NAMMA Healthcare Works

Namma Health Care includes Namma Clinic and Namma Pharmacy .

How Namma Clinic Works ?
You can choose one of the follwing packages to become a part of NAMMA Health family .

a) General consultation Package
Pay 1.5K per annum . You get a General Consultation package . Now with this package , you can consult the doctor unlimited number of times in a year . At cost of Rs 4 a day now you can visit the doctor everyday !!

b) Specialist Package
Pay 1k more ie total of Rs 2,500 per annum you get specialist + generalist package . You can consult the doctor unlimited number of times .

c) Medicine
Apart from above 2 packages you can become a member of NAMMA Health by purchasing your medicines from NAMMA medical shop . ( Min Rs 2000 per month) .

What is the advantage I get by becoming a part of NAMMA Health ?
Namma Health declares its profit every 3 months . And 25% of profit will be distributed among its memebrs . So every memebr gets back a return apart from service which he avails .

What are the profits ?
Profits include income from CLinic + Income from Namma Medical + Income from referral + Intagible Income .

What are Intangible Income?
When any organisation grows its base there will a intagible income . For eg in Namma Health case say there are 1000 people who visit the Clinic every day .. then Namma Clinic can enter into strategic alliances with many pharmacies which would give huge returns .

Which all specialists will be available in Namma Clinic ?

We start with following specialists
1. Dermatology ( Skin specialist)
2. Pediatrics
3. General Medicine
4. ENT

Keep checking the space for further news .

In a nut shell

  1. Become a member of NAMMA Health
  • Purchase General Consultation Package @Rs 1500 per annum –Unlimited Consultations
  • Purchase Specialist Cum Generalist Package @Rs 2,500 per annum — Unlimite Specialist and Generalist Consultation
  • Purchase Medicine from NAMMA clinic ( Medicine worth > 2500 free home delivery )

2. At end of 3 mnths you get back part of your profits .
3. No extra memberships ..Utilise the power of “We”.

Visit NAMMA Philosophy for more details


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