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When I speak about “Namma” with someone , they try to conclude that it is another Amway .
But Namma and Amway are miles apart or rather universe apart . Here are the differences .

1 Amway / RMP are Network marketing agencies but Namma is NOT .
Amway / RMP are Network marketing agencies . They create hieracrchy and the money gets into this chain . The person at top makes the maximum . But Namma is not a chain . Namma divides its profit among the members based on their contribution to the profit of Namma . There is no hierarchy or tree or anything . It’s a community where all are treated equally.

2. Amway/RMP etc need a initial inevstment as membership .
Namma requires no extra memebrship charges . You become a member by consuming NAMMA services and these are not some “extra requirement” services . These are your day to day needs like NAMMA retail , Namma Health etc , which offer you the best quality of service .

3. The Total Mall / Apollo Hospital also has memberships .
True , But they offer rebate in cost .NOT A SHARE IN PROFIT . We are the only institution which is offering the consumer a share in the profit . Apart from getting quality service , your membership acts as a investment which gets back returns every 3 months . The potential of return infact may exeed the amount you have paid for the service .

4. Namma Services should be costly else why are they offering this .

No . Namma offers service at the most competitive price . We are realising the power of people . We want people also to realise that if people get united , every person can grow . We give every person back every pie that he is elgible for .

5. Dont speak abstractly . I did not understand the 4th point .

For details vist the particular institutions website .
NAMMA Retail
NAMMA Health
NAMMA Insurance Solutions

In a nut shell we want every one to realise the power of community and growth in community life .


  1. We are not a Network Marketing Agency like Amway .
  2. Dont give 1 paise extra as membership fee etc . Just be a part of community .
  3. Get the part of profit which community will earn because you are a part of community .
  4. Lets give India its economic Independence .

Visit NAMMA Philosophy for more details.


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