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Namma Philosophy– Giving India its economic freedom

Dr Br Ambedkar in his Constituent assembly once said . India has got political freedom which is guaranteed by constitution , but the real freedom comes only when she attains economic and social freedom .

Namma Philosophy is a step in attaining economic freedom . No person who desires to get something should now be restricted by his economic condition .Every body should get his right and complete share for what he is elgible for .

I try to explain my new venture in the form of Q&A

1. By participating in NAMMA do i earn anything ?
Yes , the basic adventure what “NAMMA” is striving is to give end customer complete justice . Now every month each and every house purchases ration . Have you ever wondered that by plainly buying ration you are making some guy richer . When you are making some one richer dont you think you should be equal beneficiary of the profit ??

You would have definitely visted a clinic and would have obviously bought some medicine . In this whole process again , you are making the doctor and medical shop guy richer . Dont you want a part of profit which you are bringing in ?

This is exactly what NAMMA is trying to solve . We want you to get your due share and we grow united with NAMMA institutions .

2. Should I pay any money as membership or anything ??
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…………….. We are not to loot you . Different Namma Institutions is achieving the “Namma Philosophy” in differebt ways .

a) The NAMMA Retail
We have a retail outlet , where all products are available under a single roof at market competent prices . Instead of purchasing your montly ration from some local “Kirana”
shops , you can purchase from NAMMA Retail shops . If you shop for Rs 2000 + you become a part of NAMMA Retail outlet .

Every 3 months we declare our profit/Loss Statement and In the profit 25% will be distributed back to NAMMA retail family members as per their contribution .

So in a nut shell , every 3 months you earn back some part what NAMMA Retail outlet earns by purchasing form NAMMA retail outlets .

So what are the sources of profit ?
Apart from the normal profit which customer brings in , the NAMMA retail outlet has profit from ad places it sells . More of you people become a part of NAMMA family more the profit NAMMA Retail earns because of advertisers . We distribute this money back to the NAMMA Retail family members . So apart from getting your daily Ration , you also earn back a part of “profit” what NAMMA Retail earns

Whats the difference btw other shops?
Till date no other shop has ever shared the “profit” with its customer . Many shops give discounts .But NO shop shares its profit with its customers . NAMMA institutions are the first in the world who is going to share the profit with its customers in line with its philosophy of Inclusive growth .

b) Namma Clinic and Namma Medical
Here again we want the end customer to be benifited . When you visit a doctor , you are not only paying for consultation but also for medicine and the lab tests which doctors prescribe . Dont you think you have a valid say in share of the profits you are bring to these healt experts ??

NAMMA offers you a unique solution for this purpose where you get the high quality health services and also a unique opportunity to earn more than what you have invested .

NAMMA Health Service

1. You can become a part of NAMMA Health care by paying Rs 1500 per annum per head for general consultation ( Rs 4 a day) and enjoy unlimited Consultations for the complete year . Slabs available for 6 mths and quaterly also .

2. Pay Rs 100o etc and get unlimited consultations with the specialists .(ie Rs 2,500 unlimted
specialist and generalist consultations).

3. Any one of the above package will enable you to become a part of NAMMA Health care where in every 3 months we declare the profit statement and 25% of profit is divided among the members .

4. Please note that Profit here is not only from consultation but also from Pharmacy and other investigations conducted .

5. So your Rs 1,500 not only gets you unlimted consultations in a year but a door to earn more profits as NAMMA health care grows . SO apart from being tension free , it also acts as a investment working for you .

6 . Namma Clinic provides offers the best service in health care industry whose specialists include Pediatrician( Child Specialist) , Dermatologist ( Skin Specialist) , General medicine and so on . So now you get the most valued service at most affordable cost and most profitable returns .

c) Namma IAS

Namma IAS coaching begins from November in Bangalore . We specialise in Public Administration , Geography , Sociology and General Studies . The cost and number of lecture hours of each is put here

We guarantee 75% of the questions in prelims . Else your money will be refunded .

  1. Affiliations with leading coaching institutes of Delhi like Synergy .
  2. The cheapest and best cost/hr coaching in whole of the country .
  3. For all those who cannot pay by Money , you can pay by Time . Devote 3 hrs a day to NAMMA institutions and attend coaching for free .

d)NAMMA Insurance Solutions.
We help you in your complete Insurance planning . By choosing us for your insurance needs , we not just sell some policy , but we offer you a solution to suit your needs . By buying insurances form our agency , you are not just buying some insurance , but indirectly you are contributing back to the society .You gain the following

  1. Complete and Satisfactory experience .
  2. The best insurance solution to meet your needs .
  3. A contribution back to society .
  4. By buying Rs 1L worth insurance you become a member of NAMMA Insurance solutions .Every 3 months we declare profit statement and in that25% of the profit is distributed among members .
  5. Thus you earn a % profit apart from getting your insurances .

Thus without investing anything more , but by choosing NAMMA to serve you , you earn along with NAMMA institutions . We grow .

3. Can I invest with NAMMA Institutions .
Yes , you can . You need a initial capital of 70-80k ( refundable) and around 7-8k per month for a period of 6 months . The potential of profit is upto 500% .
Write to us @

Visit NAMMA Philosophy for more details .


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