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The mistakes of generations

If one looks carefully at what he has achieved till date , the answer for most of us would be shocking . Just look back and think , your parents built a house , your parents sent you to school , your parents bought some vehicle , your parents did many other things … Now what abt you ? you are trying to build a house , own a vehicle ( may be ur parents owned a 2 wheeler n u r trying for a 4 wheeler) , you want good education for your kids ( may be you will send your kid to a school where girls wear shorter skirts than they used to in ur time ) .

So if you look carefully , you are not any different . YOu havent changed anything . The only diff is what your parents did for “x” , you are doing it for “10x” . Else everything is same .

What is really missing ?

Your parents did one mistake , and you are repeating the same knowingly or unknowingly . Most of our parents did not own the means of production.

As Karl Marx rightly puts Burjuva is one who owns “means of production” and proletariat is one who works . And most of our parents or for that matter even ourselves are not dreaming to own a means of production but are satisfied with what we get as wages at the end of the month . This is the mistake that has been commited from generations and will be continued for generations until a kind of realisation strikes all .

This is exactly the problem what I am trying to solve .. Correct the mistakes of generations — NAMMA .



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