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How to choose a coaching Institute for IAS

I have been now asked this question “n” number of times by ” |_  (n/x)  _ |” number of people .

1 . Ask them course detail

Ask them the pedagogy . If a coaching institute has not prepared it , then you can guess the seriousness they carry in coaching . In Civil Services the most important is planning . Ask for the plan ( Demand for it ) . And dont settle for vague answers . Let it be on paper , like what part of portions will get covered when , etc etc etc .

2. Based on your convinence choose the batch .

If you are working / not working etc

3. Speak to the Teacher / Instructor

Most of the time you join coz of some name . Dont do the mistake , go personally and meet the Instructor and teacher and see if he is really commited and ready to go a extra mile to help you . This is the most important characteristic of the teacher which will benifit you . In fact this is the only exam where current affairs makes a difference . Generally the older gen teachers tend to be complacent with happenings of today . Check if he is in today’s context …

4. Check if they have any Test Series to evaluate

Coaching should never be a sink , It should be a coninuous process and feedbacks are very important .

So kindly do check following points before you join , so that you wont regret later .


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