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How about Contesting BBMP elections 2009?

As you all might know BBMP elections are going to be held in another month . I request all of you who are intrested in particapting , contesting elections , so that we can go ahead and file nominations .

What is the cost of contesting ?
For LS – Rs 10k .. for RS – RS 5k and for BBMP – Rs 3000 . This is the deposit you will have to keep . If you loose deposit wont be returned .

What only RS 3000 ??

Yes , this does not include your campaigning cost . Generally a decent campaign can be fought with Rs 10k .. in a ward . With educated population in Bangalore , it doesnt cost much for campaigning if you choose right wards .

What are the advantages of fighting elections?
1. You will know a lot abt people
2. Its the best supplement you can have on ur Resume if you apply for any MBA in future .
3. Its a different experience . đŸ™‚
4. Media publicity .

Should we form a party ?
If sufficent number of people can be got , we can form a party ..

Any other elgibility ?
1. You should be >21 yrs for BBMP
2. You should be registered voter in the ward which you will contest .

What you get if you win ?
You become a corporator . You can become a Mayor also .

Kindly pass on to your freiends .. and let me know if they are interested … @ . Since time is less people reply asap .

We need atleast 28 particpants . The leader / General Secretary of party etc will be democratically elected in the meeting .

Refer for details

Satish TJ



  Varun Kudva wrote @

I would defnitely like to, but then, its a full time occupation and i dont want to get out of my professional life right now. Let me know if i can help in any other way.

  hellotj wrote @

Hey .. if you win elections , yes it is a full time occupation , else not .. You need not resign to contest elections . You will have to spend 2 hrs a day and complete weekends to fight elections đŸ™‚

But yeah if you win true ..its a full time occupation

  Ranganath wrote @

If a candidate wishes to contest the BBMP elections independently , what is the formalities that has to be meet.

What is the eligibiity Criteria ?

Please provide informations in this regard.



  NB wrote @

I would like to join if you are serious. Have you made some plans? Can you provide me more details?

  vinay naik wrote @

I want to contest in this election. Please provide me with all steps to be taken asap.

  Nangendra Bharadwaj wrote @

Hello Sir,

I would like to contest the election, and if a candidate contest the BBMP election independently what is the procedure that has to be meet, andWho will gilve the ward details please imfrom me. and give me tha approxilmate cost in one election, please imform lme flull details in my mail.

Thanks & Regards
Nagendra Bhararadwaj

  Surya Mukundaraj wrote @

Hi nice to here about your plans i am contesting election independently.. if ur planning to form a group den it ll be agreat hit.. i join my hands vth u…

  satish V S wrote @

Hi i am interested in contesting election, We can only change this nation rather than complaining for evey thing. Let us do it. Initiation is very easy but we have to be enthusiatic till the end

  kiran wrote @


I am kiran i decided to stand for BBMB Electiond from my ward…Iam working for infosys currently. i thought of standing for the elections as independent…Plz suggest me what are the formalities to be done..Plz resond to my e-mail ID…..

Ur suggestions will be helpful to plan accordingly.Hope to see your reply soon.


  hellotj wrote @

You will have to file a nomination with BBMP .. Kindly go to BBMP and ask for when nomination starts and whats the deposit etc [ Its most probably Rs 2.5 – 3k and last date is feb 1 i guess] Kindly verify the same ..

BBMP office is near town Hall … or ask justdial they will tell the adress …

Thanks wrote @

My nme i Srinivasa, hindu priest.
iam also planning to contest in BBMP ward no 49 (old no) or 51 (old no )limits. my cell no 9620902809,,,advise me.please wrote @

My name is Srinivasa, hindu priest.
iam also planning to contest in BBMP ward no 49 (old no) or 51 (old no )limits. my cell no 9620902809,,,advise me.please wrote @

to kiranji.iam happy for u r wish. iam also planning to contest. please contact me. we can contest the election under the same organaisation, wrote @

to kiranji.iam happy for u r wish. iam also planning to contest. please contact me. we can contest the election under the same organaisation,9620902809

  vishwanath wrote @


Please let me know who is contesting for BBMP elections in ward no 25 Horamavu Bangalore.


i am s devi i am willing to contest bbmp election from my ward 16 i need information

  Bhaskar wrote @

I think the elgibility to contest in BBMP Elections
You should be registered voter in the any ward of the BBMP not necessarily the same ward you are contesting..

Consultant –
Electoral Roll Management System (ERMS)

  saraswathi devi wrote @

as ward 16 is reserved i am planning to contest from ward 15 as it is lady reserved and my party is mahila pradhana party wish me good luck

  saraswathi devi wrote @

i am well prepared but yet give me tips sugessions and advice
let us form a corruption freee societry

  Ashwin wrote @

you all cant win these elections…. you cant change these system
if you want to know how to run call me 9945837639

  kiran wrote @

I plan of standing for the BBMP election . please give me the information regarding either we should deposit the money at the time taking the application or at the time of submitting the application.


  dinesh wrote @

i am dinesh. age of 24 years.looking for the chance to participate in the election.
because the youth power can change any thing.
with knowledge of suurondings ,the people grown up by poor family he can no what wiil be the can we solve those.
the energic man having good control on communication can handle any situation.
i am having these all charcter .to grow up our suurondings.can i get chance.

  Surya wrote @


Let’s Elect Surya.Mukundaraj
Hi ppl,
Let’s support Mr.Surya.Mukundaraj for Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike Elections on March 28th 2010 from Nagarbhavi Ward No.128 , Lets Elect and Select a young and energetic Candidate, Let’s change Bangalore by infusing Young and Dynamic People who can work for a better Bangalore.
Brief introduction of SURYA.MUKUNDARAJ :-

Surya is a student of University Law College, Bangalore. Pursuing his 4th year LL.B. A young and energetic person, whose passion, is politics and social service with a motto to work for the down trodden specially youth and students and work for a better society.

Apart from his academic interest, he is also a freelance journalist whose articles are pertaining to the present day scenario in politics and literature field, which has been published in leading journals and news papers.

He is also an active person in politics and has worked in various capacities in rank and file of a political party, and is a well known Student Leader in Bangalore University, and has played a pivotal role in organising strikes against the authorities and system for the welfare of students and to protect their interest.

An avid reader of books and journals, he has immense knowledge of current day scenario in local and state level politics.

He has in the past campaigned in various elections for individuals and youth irrespective of party affiliation, who shared the same passion as him, i.e to serve the people and strive to make Society a better place to reside in.

Surya has entered this election fray to make a point to greedy and corrupt typical politicians that youth are the future of this country, and Students and Youth can make a Difference & to work for a Better Nagarbhavi.

Hence we request everyone to support us in this election and caste your valuable Vote to Surya and help him emerge as Winner so that the voice of Students and Youth are reflected in Bangalore Municipal Council.

Please ask your friends also to join the Communities on social networking sites Supporting Surya &, Support and VOTE for Surya.Mukundaraj
FACEBOOK -:!/group.php?gid=351894150813&ref=ts


Thanking u in Advance
Surya & Team

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