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Free Video Recordings of Live Classes for GS paper II of Ravi chokalingam

Hi friends ,
The Prelims results are out and preperation for Mains has started .
To aid the preperation of the candidates who may not be in Delhi or who may not access the tutorials .. after much discussion we could convince Ravi Chokalingam sir of
“The Rising” to upload his classes on web .
Classes start from Aug-12th (offline) whose recording will be posted from Aug 15th .
One can register / find information at
I hope this is not a spam . If anyone finds it a spam , kindly let me know . I wont disturb the communiy again with such ventures.
A small drop in ocean for community
(Namma IAS)


  sainath wrote @

want a video of upsc GS & geography

  Hanumanta d Anaveri wrote @

I am hanumant i want to became IAS officer so please guide me and i put effort . . . .

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