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Backgrounder classes for IAS -2010

Namma IAS organises backgrounder classes for IAS 2010
NOVEMBER 2nd to 6th 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
In these classes candidates will be enligtened with current issues like Food Security , West Asia crisis , Nuclear deal , International relations etc .
Generally Candidates ,starting new would not have a background in these , they generally cannot co-relate the newspaper when they read .
So if you think that after following newspapers for months now , you cannot answe the diff b/w Hyde and 123 or unable to appreciate the Climate Change dialogues . The class is for you .

1.Those who are paying their fees by giving their 3hrs . Thes classes are NECESSARY
2. These are not regular classes . NOT A PART OF COURSE .
3. ENTRY IS FREE . [ Kindly call 9844042465 and register , it will help us to manage better]

NOVEMBER 7th — Inaugration and NOVEMBER 8th — The actual classes begin
You can check invitation here


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