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I dont know why “coaching institutes” select people

Now in Bangalore a new trend has started ..

1. Coaching institutes claiming 100% success in prelims ….

( Eg refer this .) See there is no “great achievement” in clearing prelims if you r failing in Mains .  Now whats the great deal if you clear prelims if the coaching was for you to be a IAS officer?

2.  Why are coaching institutes for ?

Are they UPSC ? No right … The purpose of coaching institutes are to guide people who approach them .. Now some insti .. doing a telephonic interview ..etc and at end charging 30+ is nothing but just a ” show off” and nothing more .

3. Regading coaching institutes claiming “So many questions are from my material” ..

Refer the basic materials 100% questions are from there .


For GS the sources are IYB , VajiRam n Ravi mains class Notes and Newspapers

For Pub Ad .

Mohit Bhattacharya , Nicholas Henry , IJPA apart from ur LK and Stephen Robins

So its 100% from them .. So its just fart to claim this % is from my notes his notes etc ..

4. Clear the myth off .. The basic pblm is till  now you used to study 1 book as the syllabus ..

For eg DSC is the maths book ..

For UPSC you need to study based on syllabus … since 1 book does not serve the purpose .  As simple as it .. What r the sources well defined based on ur subject ..



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  Mrunal Patel wrote @

You’re right. But nowadays running a coaching class is second best career after IAS!

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