Sail in ship of ambition and anchor at harbour of success

I learn therefore I am !!

Somethings I have always wondered whats that “thing” which drives me .. gives me energy to do something I want .. something i feel i need to do ..

I think the answer is I learn ..N i wanted to be some entrepreneur and so I am .. but am i satisfied ?? The answer is still “No” ..

I keep thinking , thinking why something has to be the way it is .. why not the way i want it to be .. isnt it .. The quest goes on .. no idea where it will lead to .. It has lead me so far .. I have listened to my heart  all the time ..

People said “No .. TJ hang on with ur job” .. ” Try things on side ” .. But i never regret my decision to drop .. and be on my own .. I have learn t “life”…

There were times i would make /loose 60k a day in market and i remained unperturbed … and now I care for Rs 25 also .. I count the cost of pomp let which I give to newly admitted students .. I count paisa .. Not that i love money ..

No money is not all my life .. Life is my life .. a life as i want … In this whole debates of what to do and what not to do .. I have done some “Nots” … in fact lots but fortunate to do some ‘dos” which I think i would nto have had done had i not been outside to stand on my feet ..

It makes life hard especially when you meet some relatives and I have to struggle to convince them what i am doing .. most feel I am out due to the recession .. .. Nobody buys that a man can leave a cushy life and come back and struggle his way again !!

It makes you discover new ways of doing things … You realise the importance of some people whom you had never thought of like for instance “Typist” — This is the most important person for me 🙂 I am roaming office to office to see if any receptionist is idling her time .. If so .. I try to strike a quick deal “Look these r th epages .. u gotta type .. 2 Rs a page” .. outside the same type cost is Rs 9 ..

These are some stories which I always say .. stories which i will tell my grand children ..

Live a life worth speaking of ..atleast to your grand children 🙂


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