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The Education business in India

Education business is a low end business .. and lot of unprofessionalism exist .. Other people spread wrong rumors about you , they start bitching about you … and big guys have bought off the gate keepers…as Kalyan puts it ..Career Launcher takes placement officers of main engg colleges in Hyd to Thailand !!

It is sad that it becomes a beauty parlour business .. The Ac’s , drinking water etc is what makes people join!!

1.My personal experience has been that many people call me up but very few turn up to the class .

I have been wondering why is that so ? If at all a person picks up the phone and calls .. the urge in him for civil services dies in a day ??

2. People dont “read” .. anything actually .. They dont take the pain to read the info on webiste .. Guys you are trying to write a examination where reading and comprehending info is the “crux” of examination .

3. People in Bangalore are NOT AT ALL SERIOUS of the examination . They try to juggle with the job and its side effects ..classes on weekends also they want it to be shortened .. etc etc etc ..I just dont get what people want .. a designed crash course ..which I dont want to do .. If I am saying a 225 hr lecture module .. n if you expect no continuous classes how on earth will I manage time ? This basic concept is not understood .

4. People ask some stupendous questions
” Is the building your own ?” — They fear I will run away .. Yeah the Gummiah Layout adress is my house .. The classes happen in NSVK which i take on rent.

5. people keep hovering on the web and dont make a decision if at all they should be preparing for the exam .. Please note this is not a CAT exam to hope with some last month prep .. Civil services needs a systematic and planned efforts .. If at all you wish to write CSE-2010 it is high time one has to start prep …. If at all you are looking for guidance its high time u start taking one..


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  Mavenki wrote @

Sincere attempt to success is what people lack now days. There were times when people have studied till the age of 35, dedicated towards goal. But the problem with the younger generation is they want a shortcut to success, easy income. Education as taken a set back as the people are more inclined towards earning money. Capitalism is striking the students very hard.

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