Sail in ship of ambition and anchor at harbour of success

Dedicated to all aspirants of various exams

Now being a aspirant myself I easily understand the fear and dilema in many fellow aspirants ..especiall those preparing for a PG seat in medical after their MBBS and ofcourse UPSC aspirants of CSE .

Some common features

1. You can find many low in confidence especially after giving their first attempt ..

In the first attempt you would have put lots of things at stake and would have prepared really hard , if you fall after so much hard work it really hits on ur confidence n u start thinking yourself as ” I am useless” sorts ….What should you do , so that this disatrous thought will not sink in .. Some things which i have followed is

1. Make sure your social life is not totally destroyed ..Meet friends ( exp other gender) and do share and be a part of their lives atleast on one particular day of week .

2. Travel , The more u travel the more u learn abt life ..

3. Be positive .. Its easier said than done .. Especially when u are supposed to take over the family and support u r preparing and acting as a burden !! Speak to ur family and have clear time frame of efforts .. are u putting full time or part time ..

4. Think future and not past .. afterall its a beautiful life 🙂

2. Dont loose faith in the system

Most of the time u start loosing the faith i education , and start thinking i ll become a pani-puri guy across the road ! The first and foremost quality needed for the system is “Faith in what u do ” and that comes only when u have faith in the system

3. Ofcourse find a good friend ,

This becomes very important since people not in prep phase dont understand what u r going through ..U have a good shoulder to cry on its always good !!


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