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What is seat blocking

Seat blocking in CET is not something new it is existant from long time .. ie my CET times ..2003 .

How it happens?

Some people approach top rankers ..for eg in our time we entered NITK through AIEEE . After AIEE counselling is the CET counselling .. What these people do is approach students an say ” Look dude attend CET and take a govt quota seat in a reputed college”. The mks card which you submit @ counselling will go to college and these people deal with college and get the marks card back .. pay u around 2-3Lakhs as scholarship …

The rules say that if a person doesnto report to college before Oct the seat gets converted to management quota and they sell this seat under management quota for 10-12L !!

This is what is called seat blocking …



  Himanshu wrote @

IS it true??

  Kishan wrote @

Yesterday Comed-K medical counseling was adjourned because of this reason.

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