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Anay Diwedi ( Rank 5) says JTS is a cheat

Ok .. now many people have been asking of

How is JTS ? They do lot of shit like telephonic interview blah blah to make u feel as if u have got some achivement joining a coaching .. n people fall for it ..

1. Their claims are false .. read claims well .. After the result they have gone to rank holderrs and asked how their material is .. N has altered their statements.

2. Anay Diwedi ( Rank 5) has spoken about it in his blog . He has never been to Bnagalore or read JTS material for exam!!



  minnu wrote @

sir, iam prep for ias 1st attmpt with socio as 1 of opt .im not taking any coaching ,cud u pls help me get upendra sirs sociology notes,also how can i contact u

  vaibhavnaik wrote @

hi, can you help me in getting some guidance for commerce and accountany for mains 2010. THanks

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