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Education business .. U gotta be cruel

Education …

Provide good teaching …. good exposure … Still u wont make money …

Have good office .. good chick and give allowance to straighten her hair  behind the reception.. U make money …

1. The problem of education sector is supply is more than the demand . But quality supply is lacking .

2. What is quality ? No one can say thats the pblm !!



  vipin sharma wrote @

that’s the problem of all the sectors in India……problem is deep. but probably having the expectation from people to be so understanding the difference between the quality in first place is not right. moreover there are goons to polish the things such that they look better than real.

  hari wrote @

the term ‘Education business’ is an unfortunate outcome of only commercial bent mind. Today what we pay for is not education, but for simply a bundle of knowledge. In a true sense, education is an evolutionary process of inculcating values, morale and humanism while getting acquainted with knowledge… Education is an nurturing element where as Knowledge is an updating agent… Please… Let’s not blurr our vision to be educated. Stop showing a commercial attitude towards this life changing tool.

  aditi wrote @

hey can i have your id or no. need to talk to u regarding sanskrit as an optional. I met sir as suggested by you but would like to talk to someone who has already taken his guidance.
It would be great if you have any contact id of rajiv roshan.

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